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2015-05-13 22:38


Seven Days

MEDIAWAVE Festival is just like a part of its peformers: traveller musicians, circus performers. It was organised in Győr for a long time, then in Szombathely and after that the Fort Monostor has hosted it for a couple of years. May the Fort be with us. It is receiving, embaracing, you can climb its walls, hide in its belly, lightpainters dress it up in lightcoat in the evenings as the nights are cold and among the walls, miracles can happen.



2015-05-11 23:24

Samovar - Afgan tea house - from New York till Novosibirsk - dr Sándor Pellek

The Samovar-Afgan tea house participated for the second time at MEDIAWAVE. This year it got a place in the Klapka Hall, the festival centre. The tea house offered special tea and Afgan cakes to the festival guests.


2015-05-11 19:10


Riesz Ferenc recorded the jazz és improvised music programs, specifically parts of them. You can look into the following concerts: Grencsó István and his friends (HUN/POR) - Ayler: Ghosts, Cactus Truck (USA/HOL), Geröly Trió, Gabriel Ferrandini & Pedro Sousa (POR), Grencsó's Youth Free Band, AMP Trio feat. John Dikeman (USA), Syrius Legacy, Tóth Viktor

Click here for the videos


Antal Csilla fotója /Szabadka/

2015-05-05 22:26

SZERDA ZSÓFI (Subbotica, Serbia) mood video and photos

Zsófi made this short mood-film for her own amusement as she said. We can just encourage her to continue. The video definitely reflects the the sipirit of the Gathering. 

Zsófi has photographed the MEDIAWAVE for years and writes articles for the portals in Voivodina.

Click here for her photos!

And for the film 


2015-05-02 22:20

From Wall to Wall - Socfest report on Mediawave Gathering

We continued our trip within and outside the walls of the Fort Monostor. This year's thematic, The Walls was present literally as well: a huge wall was being built, separating east and west. We also watched animations and people dancing on the wall. 

2015-05-01 22:18

Spring blooming in Komárom - Socfest report on Mediawave Gathering

The Mediawave International Film and Music Gathering belongs to the smaller Hungarian festivals however the familiar mood, colourful programs and the international film and music program offer quality entertainment facility to the vistors. Thursday diary.


2015-04-29 20:14

It's a dream! - Interview with Norah Mc Gettigan

We asked, she answered: an interview with Norah Mc Gettigan, who at the Mediawave is a member of the hungarian documentary and short fiction jury, she will teach afro dance during her workshop, and be on a stage with City Bum Bum on 2nd May, at 8 pm.


2015-04-09 0:45

The East Punk Memories is the best according to the audience

 Lucile Chafour's documentary, the East Punk Memories is the best movie according to the audience, and won in the hardest road category, too. The jury's choice will be public at the 25. Mediawave Gathering.


2014-06-25 10:22




FRÉDÉRIC DOAZAN (FRA) - director of the animation Supervenus

"Mediawave took place in an amazing and unique location where you will get lost into labyrinthic corridor. The festival is in constant activity with music, screening, exhibitions, food and folklore. You'll meet awesome people there (musicians, filmmakers, audience, and the whole organization team) It was kind of a change of scenery for Vandy and I, and it was definitely worth it! Go there, you can't be disappointed."


KRITJAN HOLM (EST) - director of the animation Worst Case Scenario

"Well, Mediawave! First, it was the first time to be there, had no idea what to expect. Most of the time went by in deeply positive confusion and once you finally realized what is going on, it was suddenly over. There will just be friendly people, crazy music, cricket’s stridulation, morning sandwiches, colored walls, talking drums and many other strong feelings hovering in your memories. Feelings those get stronger after every moment.

Secondly, it’s hard to find better location than this old fort for this kind of mixture. Hard to get in, impossible to get out! Last, but not least, I can't continue, otherwise I will get too melancholic that it‘s over for this time..."


BENIAMINO SAIBENE (ITA) - president and founder Milano Film Festival, the member of Jury
"I waited to write to you because i wanted to see how long the "mediawave effect" would last… and it is still going on, i'm still there!!! i still have the festival in my mind, in my blood, in my soul  and will have it for ever in my heart; Gyuri, Violetta: it was fantastic, i felt so good with you there, all the people i had the chance to meet were wonderful, all the films, the concerts i had the chance to join  are to remember, some count between the best i've ever joined in my life. Also the food, the wine and the palinka were very good, only the pasta perhaps could have been better… I'd like to find out how to collaborate together in the future, love you all!"

2014-05-26 9:39




MONIEK DE LEEUW (HOL) - Balcony Players Band (BEL/HOL/SWE/USA) + workshop with Csángálló Band (HUN)

"It was such a beautiful location, and so wonderful to meet so many great musicians and dancers! It felt so good to work together at the danube river to make a show together with the Changallo band from Budapest! Also I got to jam in and around the beautiful castle with so many musicians from all around the world, that made me so happy! Also there were so many good shows to go to.. and the vibe was so positive and all about sharing.. It made me so happy to be part of this amazing festival!"


RAPHAEL WRESSNIG(AUT) - Raphael Wressnig and the Soul Gift Band (AUT/ITA)

"Mediawave offers a nice and diverse set of different forms of art featuring different styles. It takes place at a great location and the audience was very receptive. So for us it was a lot of pleasure to perform at this setting. People and the crew were really helpful and supernice; Hopefully see you again soon Mediawave!! Love, peace and hairgrease!" 



"Mediawave is in many respects a unique event. I wish there were more festivals like it: this is how things are supposed to be. The way that different art forms --- film, photography, music --- are very naturally integrated is very refreshing. I also like the way different music genres (world, jazz, improv, pop) are placed next to each other. You can tell that the people behind Mediawave have been pouring their passion and dedication into this event for quite some time --- with amazing results!"


CARMEN CANGIANO (ITA) - CarmenSita & The Ramadogs (ITA)

"Both as musicians and guests of your festival, we've had a beautiful experience! The location was amazing and very well organized and set up. The artists' level too was very high and we've met Incredible musicians and got a lot of inspiration from our workshop. A new song was born on the place and we've decided to add it to our new disco! As for the rest, it's one of the best festivals we've been invited to! Great Job and congratulations to all!!



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