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Azé' csak lesz valami a Mediawave

klasszikus időszakában!

2020. április 28 - május 2.

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A pótlás - reményeink szerint - szeptember

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Azé' csak lesz valami a Mediawave

klasszikus időszakában!

2020. április 28 - május 2.

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A pótlás - reményeink szerint - szeptember

második felében lesz!


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2020. May FrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSu Actual program:




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MEDIAWAVE ARCHIVE (1991-2016) :: 2017 :: OPINIONS AND CRITICS - Mediawave 2017







komaromonline.sk - Fóti Dávid's photos

30 April, 2017

Snapshots - Mediawave 2017 (photo gallery)

Festival season started with Mediawave. Over 90 films, 40 concerts, art projects – the 27th Long-Lasting Wave - Mediawave Gathering filled the Fort Monostor with music and motion pictures this year again...



28 April, 2017

27th Mediawave Gathering has started

The festival is waiting for the guests with exciting community programs. Thursday was about to start these art projects and the South-American guests of the Argentin-Hungarian wedding also arrived at the Fortress.


vaskarika - Attila Horváth
30 April, 2017

Mediawave 2017 - third day (photo gallery)

On Saturday there were no clouds or cold weather so we could send our warmer clothes into excile. The sping sun invited people and the programs outside, creating the unique and unmistakeable Mediawave atmosphere.


trafik.sk - Fóti Dávid's photos

30 April, 2017

Mediawave, Saturday - Photo report (photo gallery)


kisalfold.hu - Béres Márton's photos

30 April, 2017

This is how Mediawave celebrated in the fortress - many-many photos

concerts, films, parties in the fortress

trafik.sk - Fóti Dávid's photos

2017. április 30.

Even weather can't stop it (photo gallery)

In spite of the weather - which seems to be more promising today - festival works well - thanks also to spontaneous actions -... getting to know each other and converstations are esentially important parts of Mediawave...



1 May, 2017

Mediawave: dares to be small
Mediawave, one of the most likeable Hungarian festivals, is more than a quarter century old. There was no big happening this year either. And that was good. The festival stands for distancing itself from the theories supporting permanent deveopment.

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trafik.sk - Czímer Gábor and Fóti Dávid's photos

2017. május 01.

Argentin-Hungarian wedding, as it should be

...Mediawave is different, but not forcing itself to be different, it's alternative as it is... it believes in the community based festival organisation and refuses the consuming based one. It interprets the event as a common creation and not as a service...


Székelyhon - Veres Réka

2 May, 2017

From Odorheiu Secuiesc to Mediawave

„One of the interesting things of the multi-art festival is that the organiser, performer and the guests equally have fun in the programs.” ...the first occassion was like an initiation, they got to know the athmosphere and location so that they can decide how to prepare. They will likely come with action art or interactive exhibition...


hvg.hu and others

These were the best films at Mediawave

Molvay Norbert's If God Almighty Doesn't Help won the best Documentary Film Prize and Bucsi Réka's Love received the Best Animation Award at the 27th Mediawave Gathering. The award ceremony was held on Monday in the Fort Monostor.

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Slovakian Hungarian music portal

2 May, 2017

Gyöngyi received an award - The 27th Mediawave Festival is over



hargita népe

4 May, 2017

grUnd - for the first but not last time at Mediawave

The festival was a great team-building experience for us as we received more and better than we had expected... The first occassion was a tasting and we want to be more active participants for the second time.


szinhaz szerk.
6 May, 2017

The production of the chamber theatre in Arad is the best Hungarian film at Mediawave

... Bánovits Ottó's film, Agapé, received the Best Hungrarian Short Fiction Film Award... The Chamber Theatre in Arad won support  from the Media Commission's Huszárik Application for the production in 2013.


Huszti László, 2017.05.08.

Active Communities and the Long-lasting Wave
I've been at Mediawave for the first time. I have heard only good things about it however I didn't want to let this information influence myself to form my opinion. I more or less knew what to expect...


Gépnarancs, 2017.05.11.

The Katona and the Tünet Group's artists in one film

After receiving 4 awards at MEDIAWAVE Festival, on 17 May at 20.00, Mourning can be watched in KINO Café, where the artists of the Attila József Theatre and the Tünet Group burying themselves together.


Pintér József, 11 May, 2017

Life is just one second

Among less people it is easier to keep control toward guests and a couple of positive looks confirm my point. There were many of these looks, and that's why it is worth to do it.



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