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2016-05-17 20:26

THIS FESTIVAL IS A COOL PLACE - Polly Péter's opinion

Polly, a Waldorf Grammar school student from Győr, worked at our Gathering for the second time. This time she was the member of our Student Jury and beside she helped solving abruptly appearing problems. You can read about her experiences in the details.

Discussion with Réka Szűcs and Batarita after their film screening. Photo: Rudolf Várhegyi

The basic requirement for graduation is to complete certain number of social work practice. Mediawave helped me a lot in doing so as last year and this year, too, I had the opportunity to fulfill this duty. I haven't done any other summer jobs, that I don't really regret. This festival is a cool place. It is based on certain principles very rare in today's people's everyday life and it helps people get closer to each other. Each program is very friendly and runs in an informal mood.


One of our tasks was to participate in the student jury. We watched different films and evaluated them from 1 to 5. If a film director was present we had a Q&A with him/her. I enjoyed being the member of this jury. I like films, meeting new people and making friends so I didn't feel I was working while being there. If I had to change something, I would use a 1-10 scale for scoring so we could evaluate on a wider spectrum.


The films we saw here were way different from what we young people usually see. They were shorter and more thoughtful and used unusual film tricks and effects. I noticed how much energy and work was invested to elaborate the music and the background noises.


I was impressed by the film Zero. It started a little bit boring yet entertaining and from the middle the events speeded up so much that it was hard to follow. I've recalled the film since then and thinking about the solution of the problem the film raised: the negative sides of consumer society, the leading concept of terrorism and the importance of bees.


 Gyula Nemes: Zero


I also had to do different works at the Gathering. Nothing was compulsory so we can do what we felt like doing and in what we were motivated.

I have never felt an outsider. People were freindly and smiling, let them be guests, organisers or performers.


I can just repeat how close people can get to each other during this event. The barriers preventing us from starting to talk to a foreigner on the street, dissolve. Here everyone was free to address the other.

Once we were making a mandala on the riverside, a girl just came and asked if she could join. And of course we said yes.

The students' present to the maaried couple, a fertility mandala


I felt I could cooperate with the organisers and could easily adapt to their community-based perspective. I was happy to be part in the processes and were not just an "onlooker".


I wouldn't like to interrupt the progress: I would like to participate at the gathering next year. The festival brings something new every year and luckily for me it has had a positive outcome so far.



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