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April 29-30, 2022, Mindszentkálla, Hungary

May 4-7, 2022, Kiscsősz, Hungary

June 4-5, 2022, Ravazd, Hungary

July 18-23, 2022, Somogyfajsz, Hungary



April 29-30, 2022, Mindszentkálla, Hungary

May 4-7, 2022, Kiscsősz, Hungary

June 4-5, 2022, Ravazd, Hungary

July 18-23, 2022, Somogyfajsz, Hungary



April 29-30, 2022, Mindszentkálla, Hungary

May 4-7, 2022, Kiscsősz, Hungary

June 4-5, 2022, Ravazd, Hungary

July 18-23, 2022, Somogyfajsz, Hungary



April 29-30, 2022, Mindszentkálla, Hungary

May 4-7, 2022, Kiscsősz, Hungary

June 4-5, 2022, Ravazd, Hungary

July 18-23, 2022, Somogyfajsz, Hungary


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BUCSI Réka ( Hungary, France):
Love 15 min.
LOVE is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system. Abstract haiku-like situations reveal the change in atmosphere on one planet, caused by the change of gravity and light. This pulsing planet makes the inhabitants become one with each othe...

SZAKÁLY Réka Anna (Hungary):
Push 7 min.
XY, a factory worker, lives a boring life. She cripples herself in her own world with the mascot’s help. She decides to end her misery, but the marten doestn’t let her go.

HORVÁTH Mária (Hungary):
Káló, the handsome Gypsy lad, lies among the wildflowers on the banks of a stream, lost in idle daydreams. He falls in love with the seductively beautiful queen of the underwater realm and finds himself mixed up in all sorts of adventures to win her hand...

ULRICH Gábor (Hungary):
The world is a pillar, the human creature stands on it’s palm-sized top. This balance is sensitive - our roads are filled with beautiful series of failures and handholds. But by these life-struggles swing, they give more clear answers to our great questions. Where will we find moral soundness,...

GLASER Kati (Hungary):
The kid who was Tarzan’s cousin’s older brother, picked me up once when I was hitchhiking. We just kept driving, left and right, and when we’d gone so far it was getting suspicious we stopped to ask if we were headed in the right directions.

Jó étvágyat, bogaram!
HELSTÁB Martin (Hungary):
Two scavenger insects speculate their meal's past. They investigate how nature is affected by people, the ingorance and their own personality.

BÓNÉ Péter (Hungary):

LICHTER Péter (Hungary):
Marc Augé's essay (Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity) meets with Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey in some Hungarian highway rest areas

Hangok a másik oldalról
KARKECZ Gergő (Hungary):

FAZEKAS Gyöngyi ( Hungary, Romania):
What’s going to happen, if you look in the mirror for too long? Anita, hoping to earn some money, volunteers for a psychological experiment called Narcis Test, which examines the relationship between a person and their reflection, but it soon becomes clear that the leader of the experiment di...

MÁTÉ Bori (Hungary):
The Headless Appearance is a hand painted film made from the negatives of old family photos. It is an abstract memento of the passing time.

The Copyist - A Másoló
KŐSZEGI Tamás (Hungary):
The office photocopier sees much more than we can imagine. In the darkness of the copy room anything can happen. The Copyist is the first narrative film ever made with a copy machine.

MONORY Csaba & IMRE Gábor (Hungary):
Ende 1 min.

BOGDÁN Zoltán (Hungary):
Grouptango 4 min.



Ebéd előtt
SZABÓ Simon (Hungary):
In 1944, in a suburb of Budapest, a family is preparing their lunch. The little daughter realises that people are pushed on by gendarmes on the street. The family wants to help with food, water and clothes but not everybody approves the action.

ODEGNÁL Róbert (Hungary):
Noiré 19 min.
At daytime Ervin works as a teacher in a suburban school where he tries to survive among the deviant students and apathetic teachers. At night he spends every minutes to finish his first comic book for a little publishing house. He tirelessly draws his noir world where gangsters and corrupt policeme...

KÁRPÁTI György Mór (Hungary):
The return journey on a train from a freshman summer camp, where 18-year-old Dóra has just been sexually abused. Now the president of the students’ union wants to talk with her.

Fizetős nap
BERNÁTH Szilárd (Hungary):
In Eastern Hungary, powerful usurers keep residents of the poorest Roma communities in a permanent debt spiral. Young parents Feri and Gina try a different strategy to get relief from local boss Simon.

BÁNOVITS Ottó (Hungary):
Jozsef & Kati have been living in the middle of nowhere on a small farm for their entire lives and nobody else is living there anymore. They have a minimal relationship with the world which surrounds them. Their son, Sanyika is a true cosmopolitan, who always calls his parents on the mobile phon...

Tilos és életveszélyes
BOZZAY Balázs (Hungary):
The authority orders to establish a quarantine. The designated area does not respect people's private sphere. Because of the pervasive apathy and fear no one is opposing. The film is characterized by satirical and absurd tones.

Donkey Xote
BÁNOVITS Ottó (Hungary):
Donkey Xote 24 min.
Felix Cox (28) is an internationally renowned American skydiver attempts to land in central Budapest. Felix screws up his jump and, instead of landing in Budapest, he ends up in a tree, on an isolated farm in the Hungarian countryside, where he meets Ivan (70) and Benő - Ivan's beloved donkey...



MOLVAY Norbert (Hungary):
A 56 year old hungarian locksmith called Sándor works a lot, but earns only a few money. Sándor brings lunch every day to the homeless and to those in need and he sets it up in the city’s busiest crossroad right across from the mall. He has a d...

Maximilian FELDMANN (Germany):
Valentina 51 min.
A slum in a Romani neighbourhood. Ten-year-old Valentina invites us to meet her family. What follows are bizarre anecdotes, daydreams and documentary observations - a film as lively as its roaming heroine.



Mr. Gaga
Tomer HEYMANN (Israel, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands):
Mr. Gaga 100 min.
This multi-award winning documentary chronicles the life and work of modern dance choreographer Ohad Naharin, offering a glimpse into the artistic genius' creative process. Filmmaker Tomer Heymann, who has known Ohad Naharin for more than 20 years, ...



Diana FRANKOVIC (Germany):
The Sad Monk 12 min.
In Western culture, when we find ourselves in crisis, it's natural to question our existence and the meaning of life. We are suffering; we want to change. Eastern philosophies, yoga and meditation are keys to happiness, or so preach the countless Western adherents of these far Eastern practices. Bud...

Soul Exodus
BERECZKI Csaba (Hungary):
Soul Exodus 92 min.
Five secretive characters in mood of their own identity through aunthentic klezmer music. A long journey from America until Moldova, a movie about identity, faith and unfaith, truths and believes, jewishness, emigration and inner emigration.



Martinus KLEMET (Estonia):
Fatcula 9 min.
A mystical beauty surgery clinic is built next to a sports club which threatens to ruin the club's owner. What is going on in this clinic? The solution seems to be inside a bottle of "Fat Burner".

Ken KEISO (Australia):
Paracosm 2 min.
A surreal adventure of limbless torso, delving into the concept of life and death through a paracosm.

Sa'Adat RAHIMZADEH (Iran):
"Children of Oak" Animation narrates people’s daily life at one of Iran beautiful villages of Kurdistan, Western part of the country from sunrise to sunset. It shows their greatest occasion for celebration, marriage, its ethnic ceremonies, traditions, their dresses, dance, music and games. It...

Mélody BOULISSIÈRE (France):
Suffering from consumer’s fever, a young man starts a journey to discover the world, only to find that the trip feels predictable and every place looks familiar.

Shunsaku HAYASHI (Japan):
Remember 9 min.
"Leaving home, 'I' got a phone call. As 'I' answered it, the house exploded. 'I' went to work and continued as normal"...

Paul KUSMAUL (Germany):
E is for Evolution is an animated short. It consists out of 26 short episodes about evolution. Each Episode has its own point of view and interpretation due to evolution.

Shunsaku HAYASHI (Japan):
Railment 10 min.
In a continuous scenery, his physical movement stays in the same position. The speed of the continuity and his movement have accelerated and gradually cause a distortion.

Stephanie CADORET (France):
A young woman comes back home. She gets undressed, puts on her swimsuit, and sinks into the underwater depths of her apartment. Overcomed by a baroque aquatic flora, her home has become the ecosystem of her spouse: an octopus. Until the following mor...

Gerhard FUNK (Germany):
Fruit 7 min.
Rise into being, mature, perish - Fruit tells a creation story. As the animated short film unfolds, it brings forth a play of shapes illustrating the dialog between two mythological forces - the West and the East. In it the vibrating entities of black and white are constantly being split apart and r...

Franck DION (France):
Jacqueline has lost her mind a bit, but whatever, for her trip to the seaside, she has decided to take the train by herself, like a big girl!

Patrick BUHR (Germany):
"My wife doesn't like my movies. She says they are a waste of time. But she is an ignorant and hateful person. Don't be like my wife."

Jean-Jacques PRUNES (France):
Unwittingly promoted to whistleblower in case of toxic gas attacks, a country rat tells about his daily life in the trenches during the Great War. The point of view is original, critical and humorous, and at the same time compassionate with the «...

Péter erdeje
Martina MESTROVIC (Croatia):
A universal parable about differences, told in three colours. A story about the natural and the excluded, the normal and the uncommon; a duel between learned binary oppositions. The film reflects on an important issue: If our nature isn't a threat to anyone, then who or what prevents us from living ...




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