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International Competition 2012

74 films:

- 5 feature, 17 short fictions, 20 animations, 19 experimental and 13 documentary films

- film excerpts, trailers

- synopsis, bios, festival screenings, awards

A kazánfűtő
Alexey BALABANOV (Russia):
The film, set in the mid 1990s outside of St. Petersburg, tells the story of an ethnic Yakut, Major Skryabin, a shell-shocked veteran of the Afghan-Soviet War, who works as a stoker. Living in the incinerator room, the Major shovels coal all day, turning a blind eye to his former military comrade t...

Két év a tengernél
Ben RIVERS (United Kingdom):
A man called Jake lives in the middle of the forest. He goes for walks in whatever the weather, and takes naps in the misty fields and woods. He builds a raft to spend time sitting in a loch. Drives a beat-up jeep to pick up wood supplies. He is seen in all seasons, surviving frugally, passing the t...

FEATURE FILMS 3.  (170')
George OVASHVILI ( Georgia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan):
The Inguri River forms a natural border dividing Georgia from Abkhazia. One of the spring floods has created a little island in the middle of the river, as if made for the cultivation of corn. At least, this is the belief of an old peasant, whose sun...

Panahbarkhoda REZAEE (Iran):
The film poetically traces the solitary existence of three sisters living in the traditional central western region of Iran, where the occasional travelling salesman serves as a distraction from the general monotony.

Bogdan George APERTI (Romania / Austria):
Midway through her prison sentence, rebellious and self-destructing Matilda is granted a 24-hour temporary release to attend her mother's funeral. Not willing to return to jail, she plans to escape and flee the country. But before the day is over, Matilda must first confront her troubled past. She v...

Berkenye keringő
Alyona SEMENOVA, Alexander SMIRNOV (Russia):
As World War II wanes, the Soviet government sends envoys to villages in northern Russia. Their mission is to teach teenage girls to defuse German bombs still embedded in the earth. Meanwhile, the rowan trees are in bloom; they blossom only briefly, yet their wood is resilient. And though so differe...

Az Intimitás Ideje
Milos MILOSEVIC (Serbia):
The story of first and last sexual experience.

Barátok között
Ozana NICOLAU (Romania):
Inspired by a real life fact, the story presents the inner journey of Corina, a Romanian girl trafficked into forced prostitution in Italy. Struggling to return to a normal life and haunted by what happened, she tries to deal on her own with the past. One night Corina decides facing her fears and g...

Ainur ASKAROV (Russia):
The main event in this village is a weekly film show at the local recreation center. The main character is a passionate fan of Indian films. But it’s not that easy to get through to the screening of your favorite film.

Csendes Folyó
Anca Miruna LAZARESCU (Germany / Romania):
Romania, 1986: Gregor and Vali want to get away. Both need each other, yet there is mutual distrust. One night Gregor finds his doubts confirmed. In the end only hope is left.

SIMONYI Balázs (Hungary):
Finale 8 min.
Two men in the night are waiting for their greatest hit...

Aritz MORENO (Spain):
A man gets up and prepares coffee. A man gets up and prepares coffee. A man gets up and prepares coffee.

Utolsó út, rögtönzött
Julien GUIOL (France):
An old lady is on her deathbed. Her husband cope with regret of his wife, will try to pay their last tribute....

Nash EDGERTON (Australia):
Bear 11 min.
Jack means well, but sometimes good intentions have horrible consequences.

Elvesztett Kontroll
Haritz ZUBILLAGA (Spain):
Don't move… not an inch… don't even blink…

Hope 11 min.
The fragmented violence of war seen through the eyes of a General on his deathbed. A mind accustomed to a life on the battlefield surrenders to a stream of consciousness, mixing death, brutality, and finally, one last gesture of hope. The film is based on the award winning play Jimmy, créature de r...

Végtelen percek
Cecilia FELMÉRI (KRÉZSEK) (Hungary / Romania):
On a summer afternoon, a person spills coffee on himself, another feeds pigeons, another kills a bee, another dies, another copies patterns, another listens to the radio, another makes a phone call, another… And there may be certain connections among them all…

Ház a tónál
You have been thinking about leaving for years. Look at the photo. Again. You know where it is. A pigsty. Go. Kill him. Don't talk, say nothing. Whiskey. It's midnight. He can't explain it. She can't either. This city is rotten. Where is the life your parents promised you?

Daniel AZANCOT (Spain):
Emma and Carlos are unable to get over their misunderstanding relationship, but even then, they meet to fix it. Their meeting will turn into a brutal misunderstanding that will make them reconsider their ridiculous situation and start from scratch.

Kint a Városban
Janis MAZUCH (Germany):
After thirteen years behind bars Nina (39) is released from prison and her search begins for finding a place in this world again. In a short period of time she finds a place to live and an underpaid job. The attempt to get in touch with her by now grown-up daughter confronts her with a stranger.

Francisco Javier RUBIO (Spain):
A young writer, a new house, a new life. A dinner celebrating his success. What could possibly go wrong?

Szerencsés hetes
Claudia HEINDEL (Germany ):
Lucky Seven 27 min.
Northern Ireland. The troubles are over but have left their marks. Three boys on their way to adulthood testing their juvenile strength on animals, things and humans. Every day is different and yet, every day feels the same.

Négy galamb az Antenna Tévén
Martin TRONQUART (France):
Four long time friends. An unforgettable night. The will to live.

Danny Boy
Marek SKROBECKI (Poland / Switzerland):
"Danny Boy" is a film concerning the problem of social alienation, yet ironic social satire. The young man, clearly different than the other, wanders the streets aimlessly. One day he meets a girl. Will the woman, recognizing his dissimilarity, rejects him?

366 Nap
Johannes SCHIEHSL (Germany):
Starting his social work as paramedic, young Patrick soon comes in contact with patients that are all suffering from the same problem: loneliness. As he tries to help, he gets himself into relationships that are way more demanding than expected.

Kirk HENDRY (United Kingdom):
Junk 6 min.
A tale of an obsession with junk food that may prove hard to swallow! Junk looks at our advance from living in a natural environment to a man‐made one. Like most of us, our hero is born, raised and will die in the paved world of the city. No longer familiar with, or sharing, the natural world ...

Végezni a farkassal
Stéphanie CADORET (France):
A poetic film based on distorted versions of French kids' riddle and proverb. "Let's wander in the woods, while the wolf is away. If he was around, I would wolf him down…"

Piszkos Péntek
Adrián Miguel DELGADO & Tenesor CRUZ NIESVAARA (Spain):
A man very fussy about order punishes his cat in a very exaggerated manner. The owner of the animal starts to lose his mind as he obsessively speculates about the pet’s possible plans for revenge.

A jós jövetele
Rao HEIDMETS (Estonia):
Human beeing is the slave of his imagination. It is a long and complicated journey of finding the way out of it and it requires a good memory.

Andrea DEPPERT (Germany):
The children of the village live by the law of the jungle. Led by the meanest, they scorn the raven boy, the groups outsider. When one day a fascinating girl appears, putting her spell on everybody, it is the raven boy of all people she takes interest in. The small community´s moral confidence is shaken.

A nixi szörny
Rosto (The Netherlands / France / Belgium):
Life is good in the idyllic fairytale village of Nix. Until an all-devouring monster appears…

Még mire jó a hullámcsat?
TÓTH-PÓCS Roland (Hungary):
Usually, we throw out the useless odds and ends that accumulate around us. In the best case scenario we let them pile up in a corner where they wait in hopes of a more auspicious turn of fate. But there was once someone who took great offence at bein...

Robert PROCH (Poland):
Three different characters arrive at the strange world of retail park, and in doing so enter a twisted game where how they appear to one another defense how they act. Grotesque picture about how the day off can become working one.

Akerbeltz, a boszorkányok és az inkvizítor
César Urbina VITORIA (Spain):
The gloomy dungeon of the Santo Oficio gaol in Logrono (Spain) is packed with prisoners accused of witchcraft. The sound of mystical chanting drifts out through the bars. It is a desperate cry for help that travels through valleys and mountains until...

Inés SEDAN (France):
Moi / Me 6 min.
Living in a strict and very regulated world, a man has to hide his homosexuality and dance, dance, until the moment he finds the strength to face these rules and reveal who he really is.

Mashaallah MOHAMMADI (Iran):
A man cut a pace of earth and other man …

Az Alkonyat
NOBRAIN (France):
The Gloaming 14 min.
A character creates a world that is beyond his control. Civilization and it’s accelerated evolution.

Ragályos Balszerencse
Osman CERFON (France):
Jinx is a man with the head of a fish. Misfortune bubbles escape from his mouth. When one of them follows somebody, he becomes dogged by bad luck, and comes to a sticky end…

Test emlékezet
Ülo PIKKOV (Estonia):
Our body remembers more than we can expect and imagine, our body remembers also the sorrow and pain of the predecessors. Our body sustains the stories of our parents and grandparents as well as their ancestors. But, how far back is it possible to go in your bodily memory?

Christobal DE OLIVEIRA (France):
Aalterate 10 min.
Diving into a coma, a female body experiences extreme inner tension. Its mutating silhouette gradually invades an empty space to a point of complete saturation.

Ego Sum Petrus
Julien DEXANT (France):
Petrus, an old poet, lives in the "poetry shop" he closed a long time ago due to a lack of customers. Reclusive, he's fixed to his typewriter in a dark and filthy room. But bitterness and hatred have paralyzed his inspiration…

Lauréne BRAIBANT (France / Belgium):
Sumo 6 min.
Two bodies, giants almost naked, advance slowly to a circle of clay. This graphic experience features the expressiveness of their bodies which are to repeat a sumo ritual. The two wrestlers are fighting in a lightning way through each of their deeds, which are the direct expression of their being the most exposed.

Ahol a kutyák meghalnak
Svetlana FILIPPOVA (France):
A man grows up and leaves his mother's home. During his life, all he dreams about is to come back home – to retrieve his past. But a lot of things happens in, things that cannot be fixed: his mother grows old, the house where he was so happy f...

Ez a szomjúság
François VOGEL (France):
"This Thirst" drives us into an hypnotic journey along the sky train in Dubai. The disproportionate architecture bordering the tracks is trapped by a camera that will twist roads and buildings. The singer Reham accompanies this trip, with a disturbing message.

Bubbleman szupersztár!!! Döglégy visszatérése
Alban GILY & Julien VRAY (France):
Patty Dough sought out Bubbleman to give him an urgent mission: To deliver to Prez (president of the U.S. of A.) his can of dungfly, or TOX – a highly addictive, super strong hallucinogenic, the use of which causes transmutation… Indeed T...

Bartek KULAS (Poland):
Millhaven 7 min.
Teenage Loretta is aware of the fact that everything leads to death. Will she be able to do a "dance" of life? For the first time, untold story about the heroine of a dark ballad written by Nick Cave and boldly interpreted by Katarzyna Groniec, "polish Edith Piaf". Directed by "hope of polish ani...

Erik ROSENLUND (Sweden / Denmark):
A woman on her way home becomes a victim of a strange infection. She soon realizes that an epidemic is spreading and there are larger forces at work. While struggling to find a cure she also discovers that desperate times require hard choices.

Az Apa Bűnei
Deco DAWSON (Canada):
Paying homage to the 1955 masterpiece Night of the Hunter, Deco Dawson has created a collage film using childlike miniatures, in-camera effects, 16mm footage of abandoned houses and a meticulous sound design that captures the eerie doom of the original.

LICHTER Péter (Hungary):
„Our last class-trip was at the end of sixth grade in April 1997. After this we did not see each other for years. One of us took a dictaphone with himself on this trip. Recently we have come across the recording by chance.”

Ha lenne szívem
Jörg SCHREZENMEIR (Austria):
This music video of the track „Wires and Snakes“ by Amon Tobin is set near Vienna in the former chambers of the servants of a baron. Every night anew, a ghost arises from its grave, haunting the mansion in search of its lost heart. As it roams the desolate rooms, life is returned to the ...

Az erdő mélyén
Kristina FRANK (Sweden):
Out on the street, noisy traffic that never ends. Trying to close it out, but inside grows a monster who wants to beat its way out.

Adriano CIRULLI (United Kingdom / Italy):
Falling 3 min.
An abstract study of human interaction, expressed entirely through movement and sound.

Bob KOHN (France):
The End 3 min.
Filming people without a camera. Compacted, contracted, molded, kneaded, accelerated, multiplied, chained, unchained, exploded, cut up, tortured, ... .. the "Slices of Life" grind up human, to life, to death and to love. A real "shopping of life" among all the shelves of supermarkets and corner stor...

A fulladás szemernyi lehetősége
KÁJEL Judit (Hungary):
Bicycle, present and past, fish and birds, visions, memories. The girl, the boy, and the faint possibility of drowning…

Z Bolygó
Momoko SETO (France):
Planet Z 10 min.
Somewhere...PLANET Z. Vegetation is peacefully taking roots on the planet and everything seems to live in harmony. But a sticky mushroom starts taking over the place insidiously, to finally destroy this ideal world.

Egyszer volt egy művész
Arjan BRENTJES (The Netherlands):
In a flooded city two existentialist artists climb out of the water. Will they adapt to the situation?

Kerstin GRAMBERG (Germany):
Nekropolis 3 min.
Nekropolis – a city as an autonomous organism, shifting rhythmically between construction and deconstruction.

Instant X
Delphine HERMANS (Belgium):
Encyclopaedia of Vienna pavement…

Mohammad ESMAEELI (Iran):
Newzif 7 min.
In the highest building of a city empty of inhabitants, a man goes up the stairs. Out of breath, he sits down in the middle of the way. Suddenly, a man jumps over his head and rushes down the stairs. Paying no attention to this unexpected encounter, the first man continues his way up. Exhausted by ...

Éjszakai Vadász
Stacey STEERS (USA):
Night Hunter 15 min.
In this handmade film, composed of more than 4000 collages, the actress Lillian Gish is seamlessly appropriated from silent-era cinema and plunged into a new and haunting role. Night Hunter evokes a disquieting dreamscape, drawn from allegory, myth and archetype. Music and sound by Larry Polansky.

Különben is
Nicole WEGNER (Germany):
She already sits there. All day long she could hear him. She takes off. Finally walks into the kitchen (adding). The shadow (us two) and the black flood. She listens carefully (16.00 Hz). And what is important stops existing (I can't be without you).

Frédérique ORTEGA (France):
Corridor 12 min.
A young boy and his parents walk around in a carnival. The mother encourages her son to have a go on a ghost train, alone. Apprehensively, the child accepts. Across the tunnel, he will find himself in a real train where he will be confronted to himself and grow up.

Dainis KLAVA (Latvia):
Dubli / Mud 53 min.
Latvians think through mud and view the world through a “muddy” filter. Where does the mud come from, and why does it invariably remain: in this country, this language, and in our souls? Mud doesn’t just appear from tears falling upon dry earth. Mud also comes from spillover, done out of joy...

A kövek nektárja
Sattar Chamani GOL (Iran):
Hard-working people trying to obtain Oraman villages other blessings of nature and through hard and impassable mountain …

Alfonso Moral ROSER CORELLA (Spain):
A reflection on modernity and global development. Men as machines. The use of human physical force to perform work in the XXI century. The film takes place in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, where the "machine men" execute different physical works, a mass of millions of people who become the dri...

A nyár utolsó napja
Piotr STASIK (Poland):
Piotr Stasik's film gives an insight into the contemporary Russia through the observation of young students and their everyday life at cadet school in Penza 700 km away from Moscow. The director picks up few characters, showing how much their stay at...

Shanghai Banzáj
Jurate SAMULIONYTE (Lithuania):
„Shanghai Banzai“– it‘s an ironic short documentary about an old and poor district nearby Vilnius city center called Snipiskes, which is also known as Shanghai. Film exposes a paradoxical situation where countryside with its multicultural (Lithuanians, Russians, Polish, Gypsi...

A vándorlás kemény művészete
Ivan GARCIA (Spain):
Six strolls. Shanghai before Mao, Berlin during Weimar Republic, interwar Paris, the Soviet Union during industrialization, Japan before invading Manchuria and Barcelona at the beginning of Spanish Civil War. It's just about wandering down the street...

Naprúl napra, hónaprúl hónapra
KABAI László (Hungary):
’Losing his mother early, after the war Uncle Imre goes to the town, works at different places of work. After his father’s death, he still has a farm besides his job but after retiring, however he cannot find his place from 1933, he retur...

Ellenőrzött Levelek
Maciej DRYGAS (Poland):
During socialism, the Polish state Security Service annually opened tens of millions of letters. Every day, specialist units steamed open, read and analysed people’s private letters. This helped the authorities compile reports about the moods prevailing in society. Occasionally the content wou...

Élet, messze
Barroso is an isolated region of Portugal where people live at the rhythm of the herds and the seasons. There, one can witness an ancestral way of life which will probably not last. Everyone knows it is the end of it soon and secretely draws the meshes of sparse memories. The memory resists, the set...

Krzysztof KADLUBOWSKI (Poland):
On April 10th in the morning first unsettling news about the air catastrophe of the government plane Tu-154 reached Poland. On the board of the plane there was the President of the Polish Republic – Lech Kaczynski, his wife Maria, government representatives, state institutions officials, membe...

A FEHÉR KINCS és a sóhányók Caquená-ból
Eva Katharina BÜHLER (Germany / Bolivia):
Just beside an endless white desert up in the Bolivian andes, Daniel and his family lead traditional salt worker´s lifes. Since it has become known that Salar de Uyuni holds the worlds´s biggest amou...

Skule ERIKSEN (Norway):
Fjord 24 min.
The film Fjord was shot in Naroyfjord, one of the narrowest fjords of Western Norway. The fjord is one of the main tourist attractions in Norway, and the landscape was included in UNESCOs world heritage list in 2005. The filmmaker Skule Eriksen wanted to explore visually why this landscape is so ...

Törött Határ
Kaywan KARIMI (Iran):
In all the borders of Iran, smuggling of fuels is very prevailing that lots of people are engaged with it. Form and kind of equipments for carrying the smuggled cargo based on the geographical situation is different but in all the situations human beings have the most important role. The reasons for...


2023-06-25 015:05

Greek filmmakers at the Passport Controll Summer Workshop

Two Greek filmmakers will come to this year's Passport Controll - Summer Art Workshops and Community Gathering, to lead film workshop for students. Film director Karina Logothetis and sound designer Vasilis Zlatanos won the award for the Most Original Short Film at the 33rd edition of the Mediawave Film Festival this year, with their short fiction Pebble.














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