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2019. May WeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFr Actual program:




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International Film Programme 2018


52 films:


- 15 short fictions, 20 animations, 5 documentarys, 9 experimental and dance films

- film excerpts, trailers

- synopsis, bios, festival screenings, awards

A dácsához
Alexey NAUMOV (Russia):
To the Dacha 16 min.
The newly-weds Lyuba and Andrei have a crisis in their relationship. In order to get a rest and settle their family life, they go to a summer house (dacha). A strange man called Bull joins the newly-weds at the dacha and makes a pass at Lyuba. In affect, Andrei hits the unbidden visitor with the wooden mallet...

60 kiló semmi
Piotr DOMALEWSKI (Poland):
A cold morning in an opencast ore mine. Krzysztof is starting his first day as a manager. To survive in this community of physical labourers, where he’s patently a fish out of water, he plans to maintain discipline with an iron hand. But an unexpected accident with one of the workers as the vi...

A szolgák
Marwam KHNEISSER (France, Liban):
A group of carefree revelers reunite in an ancient and remote seaside villa for a day. This is the opportunity for Nabil and his wife Mira, keepers of the place, to come face to face with an old acquaintance: Walid, leader of the group. Their encounter rekindles memories of a bitter and violent past.

Hammudi AL-RAHMOUN FONT (Spain):
Exterior. Industrial zone. Night. Martin decides to be sexually playful with a prostitute he has met, although nothing is what it seems. And this is always dangerous.

Sophie TAVERT (France):
Mad 22 min.
Madeleine, a war journalist, is reporting in an armed conflict zone. One evening, Mazen, a citizen reporter, bursts into the hiding place where she works.

Anna HINTS (France, Luxembourg, Estonia):
Jaa / Ice 15 min.
Harri is a lieutenant colonel in the Estonian army. Divorced, he only sees his 10-year old son during school holidays. Harri decides to make up for lost time by going to an adventurous father-son winter trip to an island. Missing the last ferry, Harri decides to take a local ice road over the frozen sea.

FATÉR Ambrus (Hungary):
András is a doctor in his late 50s. His detailed, lonely life is turned upside down with the arrival of an old Syrian refugee. Without understanding each other's languages, an unlikely friendship starts.

Fekete kanárik
Isolated, desperate, and haunted by his coal-stained birthright, Clarence Lockwood continues his daily descent into the accursed Maple mine, even after it has crippled his father and blinded his youngest son. Set in 1907 and based on director Jesse Kreitzer’s own coalmining ancestry, Black Can...

Roman PRZYLIPIAK (Poland):
Jerry 26 min.
Jerry, a thirty-six-year-old energy therapist takes a blow to the face. With that solid thwack, Bartek, whose mother has been seeking a cure in Jerry’s care, makes him painfully aware that his powers are gone for good. One day, his healer’s powers return to him unexpectedly when he takes in a stray dog...

Ruslan BRATOV (Russia):
The restaurant is closing, and Oleg Maratovich wants to celebrate. Taking along three of his employees, who are no longer able to resist his charm, he sets off in search of adventure. The story then has a completely unexpected twist.

Az Elefánthajhász
FISCHER Gábor (Hungary):
This is a movie about three old men, about three old blokes who spent their entire lives in the close vicinity of the local marketplace, closed in an extremely narrow world in the middle of the city. They never dared to leave, to go beyond the borders of their world. They are harmless, eternal dreamers...

Kevork ASLANYAN (Bulgaria, Germany):
In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has never left the ...

Vidéki randevú
DUDÁS Balázs (Hungary):
The film tells a story a womanizer boy meeting a rural girl in the country. They hide from a storm in a local pub, where unexpected situations occur.

Kaveh MAZAHERI (Iran):
Retouch 20 min.
Maryam's husband has an accident at home and, rather than saving him, she stops helping and watches him die.

Technikai szünet
Philip SOTNYCHENKO (Ukraine):
A report of an extraordinary technical break without cuts.

Emberevő óriás
Laurène BRAIBANT (France):
An insecure giant holds on eating, terrified at the prospect of revealing his ogresque self and so compromising his place in the society. During a business banquet, his true nature will be put to the test.

Mary és a 7 törpe
Riho UNT (Estonia):
Having spent her entire life behind the convent walls old and dignified nun Maria has decided to fulfill her childhood dream. The only obstacle on her way is her fragmentary, almost non-existent memory. Maria is afraid that her ultimate dream may tur...

Elodie DERMANGE (Switzerland):
Intimity 5 min.
As she is showering, dressing, putting on her make-up, a woman bares her soul. She speaks of her fears, her complexes, and the process of accepting – even loving – herself.

Fura meló
Gilles CUVELIER (France):
Pedro has found a new job. A kind of strange one, but these days, he can't afford to be fussy. It's a real chance ! Anyway, he's never been the kind of getting cold feet...

Tudod, mitől félek?
Ágnes SZUCHER (Romania):
Amikor a gyerekek félelmeikről és rémálmaikról beszélnek, ott motoszkálhat a fejünkben, hogy hogyan él a képzeletükben az, amiről olyan bátran és nyitottan mesélnek? Mégis kicsodák a „micsodák”, hogy néznek ki a „valamik”, mié...

59 másodperc
Mauro CARRARO (Switzerland, France):
59 Seconds 15 min.
The love story of Bruno and Tiziana is turned upside down by the 59 seconds that wrote one of the most tragic pages of Italy’s history – the earthquake that devastated Friuli in May 1976.

Világnak virága, virágnak világa
KERESZTES Dóra (Hungary):
The film is a tribute to Zsuzsanna Erdélyi ethnographer, who collected the spiritual treasure that belong to our most ancient memories, the archaic folk prayers. By animation the prayer words are brought to life, in which man, animal, plant, that is ...

Nicolas FONG (Belgium):
Yin 10 min.
Surrounded by several couples, a god becomes bored, because he is on his own and jealous of the others’ happiness. He breathes out, creating a whirlwind of molecules, which resolve into a flat disc. In its centre is a spinning axis, a single mountain. The creator places various elements on the...

Dmitry IVANOV (Russia):
The film is about a soldier, who had been wounded at war and returned home, where his mother was waiting him.

Hogy rajzoljunk embert 9 féle módon?
Sasha SVIRSKY (Russia):
Nine short and unexpected stories that tell us, how a person can be depicted. By mixing abstraction, collage, drawing animation the author invites us into a spontaneous and unsystematic research of potential of the animation and leads us into the w...

Ekaterina FILIPPOVA (Russia):
The group of travelling goats are trying to get a free snack.

A test szimbiózisa
Rocío ÁLVAREZ (Belgium):
A poetic journey through the history of desire and sexuality where the female pleasure, long ignored and repressed, takes pride of place.

Alexey ALEKSEEV (France):
The disappointments of a short-sighted and harmless hunter who took with him by mistake a rabbit instead of his dog to go hunting in the forest. No animal has been injured...

Fabienne GIEZENDANNER (Switzerland, France):
Little by little, two buildings rise in the sky; two billionaires helped by the most renowned architects in the world, each one builds his own skyscraper, always more luxurious and higher. But how high will they go?

Nem történik semmi
Uri KRANOT & Michelle KRANOT (Denmark, France):
It’s freezing cold in the city suburbs. Yet some people are gathering. I watch them form a row across the horizon. We are all waiting for something to happen. But nothing does… We have gathered to witness an event. To participate in being seen. The spectacle of watching and being watched.

Pablo POLLEDRI (Argentina):
CORP. 9 min.
Ambition, exploitation of labour, environmental pollution, human degradation, surplus value, corruption and much more in the amazing world of free market!

Piroska története másképp
Danijel ®E®ELJ (Croatia):
Midday sun is frying the post-industrial landscape. Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to her grandmother’s cottage. She diverts the road and enters an abandoned factory building. In an empty concrete labyrinth, she discovers a black wall cov...

Heta JÄÄLINOJA (Estonia, Finland):
Penelope 4 min.
Penelope wakes up. Someone is at the door. But everything’s a mess...

Antonis NTOUSSIAS & Aris FATOUROS (Greece):
Aenigma 10 min.
A Greek stereoscopic CG animation inspired by the works of Greek surrealist painter Theodore Pandaleon. A requiem to Form, Feminine-Goddess, eternal Eve, Art. From idealization and sacred worship to delectation and insemination, to transformation and reproduction, to deterioration and decay, to dese...

Ó anyám!
Paulina ZIOLKOWSKA (Poland):
Mother and son are changing places and roles constantly: once, the mother is an adult, sometimes son matures and takes care of suddenly childish mother. The arrangement works fine, until the boy decides to escape from under the skirt of the overprotective mother and start an independent life.

Ashley PEGG (United Kingdom):
Vyamanikal 10 min.
How to reinterpret old churhc organs in Suffolk in the UK to create a contemporary sound.

DECEMBER. Orosz elégia
Igor VAGANOV (Russian):
Through the poetic nerve of Brodsky, the profoundly dramatic music by Gordon, the ritual dance of Pollock paintings, the images of photographic art of the late 19th and the early 20th centuries referred to as pictorialism in history, and one of its most prominent representatives – an outstandi...

A Mirabeau-híd
LICHTER Péter (Hungary):
This film was made during the first Hungarian abstract film workshop: the students created a free association adaptation of the poem of Guillaume Apollinaire. The film was made with direct animation technique, on 35 mm filmstrips. The film painting w...

Engedd el!
Ülo PIKKOV (Estonia):
Letting Go is an animated documentary with a young girl from orphanage who wants to let go of the shadows that haunt her past.

Lüktető idő
Antonella MIGNONE & Cristiano PANEPUCCIA (Italy):
Timepulse 9 min.
A reflection on the difficulty of living the present moment before it becomes a memory, on the fear of the inexorable march of Time.

William HENNE & Yann BONNIN (Belgium):
KL 4 min.
A succession of photos quickly pass. The place is revealed only by details, framed in close-up. This site is an immense cemetery of 42 km², located in Upper Silesia, whose motifs are known: railway crossings and rivets, windows, red bricks, mud and puddles, details of wagons, knots of barbed wi...

Adat vagyok
Moritz MUELLER-PREISSER & Franziska BROZIO (Germany):
We Are Data 21 min.
Our world is becoming digital. Who we are is a question of data. Is our identity still in our hands? A young man runs from the mainstream internet and meets his digital self. He finds answers for his questions, but will he do what needs to be done?

Babuka a fűben
BÚZÁSI Gyopár-Orsolya (Hungary):
Babuka, a gorgeous young woman, experienced a fairytale-like story during the war. Amongst the greatest poverty appeared a mysterious American saviour, who, out of love, wanted to give her everything – starting with a new life. At that time, Babuka did not know who this young man was, and who he was to be...

Aude VUILLEMIN (France):
Deux female bodies, imbued with memories and physical hindrances, awaken in a timeless space, where their presence and their encounter leed them to thoughts fixed in this notion of today. Thoughts of a fully conscious being that needs to reconnect to itself to authenticity and to matter, trying to f...

Kis emberek, nagy fák
Vadim VITOVTSEV (Russia):
The Central African Republic. Here in the shade of sub-panel rainforests lives a tribe of the shortest people on Earth — the Baka pygmies. As it was hundreds of years ago they hunt for meat and gather gifts of big trees. They pray to the spirit...

Keleti front
Andrei OSIPOV (Russia ):
There is so much has been said about The Great Patriotic War and yet so much remains unspoken. The film shows the war through the eyes of German soldiers. This is a story about shattering fatal mistake of choice, which caused the cruelest war in the history of mankind.

Az erdőben
Thomas HORAT & Corina SCHWINGRUBER ILIC (Switzerland):
Snow, sweat, testosterone and the sound of chainsaws. Every four years, over a period of three moths in winter, wood is being cut in a steep mountain high above Lake Ägeri and prepared for log rafting. Neither economic change nor technology has been ...

Nem szegényeknek való vidék
BIHARI László ( Hungary,Germany):
A documentary film about a community of homeless and middle class activists fighting for social justice, democracy and solidarity in Hungary. What if democracy fails citizens by not serving them all equally? What if inequality becomes the norm and...

A semmi dícsérete
Boris MITIC (Serbia, Croatia, France):
A satirical documentary parable about Nothing, wherein Nothing, tired of being misunderstood, runs away from home and comes to address us for the first & last time. Researched across 20.000 pages of a most eclectic bibliography, filmed over 8 years by 62 cinematographers in 70 countries, scor...

Ballada egy szolga fiú emlékére
MOHAROS Attila (Hungary):
The film entitled Servitude in Seklerland was shot between 1999 and 2004, focusing on the tribulations of the adolescent Fülöp siblings. Amongst the siblings, Levente and Csaba fell into the fate of child servants in the 21st century. In the meantime...

Egy nő fogságban
TUZA-RITTER Bernadett (Hungary):
An European woman has been kept by a family as a domestic slave for 10 years. Drawing courage from the filmmaker's presence, she decides to escape the unbearable oppression and become a free person.












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