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Rendező: Aurélio VASQUES & Bernardo SASSETTI
12 min. 2011,
szöveg nélkül
Forgalmazó: Shang-Jen Yuan
Gyártó: Bernardo Sassetti and Companhia Nacional de Bailado (National Ballet of Portugal)
Operatőr: Bruno Gonçalves, Paulo Fernandes
Zeneszerző: Bernardo Sassetti
Vágó: Aurélio Vasques
Choreographer: Clara Andermatt
Performers: Bernardo Sassetti, Irina de Oliveira, Shang-Jen Yuan
Costume Designer: Clara Andermatt


It carries no memory or time, it drifts... One can see more than one view and more than one function. It is defined as a limited process In an endless change, where monotony does not exist... Assuming level zero at some points It also has critical stages where it reaches maximum levels, and then begins to decrease Once the extremes meet... nobody knows what it is. It continue... - Clara Andermatt

Aurélio VASQUES & Bernardo SASSETTI

Director, Editor: Aurélio Vasques
Aurélio Vasques graduated in Video and Sound at the Professional School of Image. Between 1999 and 2008 he worked as Director of Photography in various videoclips of Portuguese bands, movies and advertising for brands such as Super Bock, TMN, Cofidis, UZO, Swatch, Millennium, Model, Actívia, Danon, among others.

Director, Composer, Performer, Producer: Bernardo Sassetti
Bernardo Sassetti (24 June 1970 – 10 May 2012) was an important Portuguese jazz pianist, composer and photographer. In addition to his jazz work, Sassetti has composed numerous film scores. His most important compositions for cinema are: MARIA DO MAR, FACAS E ANJOS, QUARESMA, O MILAGRE SEGUNDO SALOMÉ, A COSTA DOS MURMÚRIOS, ALICE, HOW TO DRAW A PERFECT CIRCLE, SECOND LIFE, 98 OCTANAS, the documentary NOITE EM BRANCO by Olivier Blanc, and the short-films AS TERÇAS DA BAILARINA GORDA and ANTES DE AMANHÃ. As Soloist he took part in the movie PAX by Eduardo Guedes and in the short-film BLOODCOUNT by Bernard McLoughlan. Bernardo Sassetti died on 10 May 2012, in Cascais, leaving a significant work that greatly enriches Portuguese culture.

Choreographer, Costume Designer:
Clara Andermatt
Clara Andermatt began her dance studies with Luna Andermatt, obtained a scholarship at the London Studio Centre and took her diploma at the Royal Academy of Dancing (1980-84, London). In 1991 she created her own company, choreographing a vast number of works regularly presented in Portugal and abroad. In 1994 she began her collaboration with Cape Verde, organizing workshops and performances with dancers and musicians from that country, a cooperation that lasted seven years.


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