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The Human Horses

Italy, India
Director: Rosario SIMANELLA & Marco LANDINI
54 min. 2013,
with dialogue, Hindi, Bengali, English subtitled
Distributor: Serena Gramizzi
Producer: Cristina Donno - FU FILM, Serena Gramizzi - Bo Film
Screenplay: Rosario Simanella, Cristina Donno, Gianluca Marcon, Liviana Davì
Cinematographer: Marco Landini
Music: Jan Maio, Massimiliano Amatruda
Editor: Rosario Simanella

“It wouldn't have taken so long to change my mind, the next morning when I woke up. My arms, legs, back and neck hurt so much that I made a great effort in order to stand up. My friend, Ram, had warned me. You do not become a Human Horse overnight, even when you are of the good breed of farmers. The continuous traction effort, the brutal shocks, the exhausting stunts to maintain balance, the violent stiffening, sometimes desperate, of the whole body that stops all of a sudden, all these shots are bad, especially when you have been eating very little for months and the body is already quite worn...” (From “The City of Joy” by D. La Pierre).

Spring 2012, Kolkata: More than 16 million souls live or survive in this sultry agglomeration. It is here that Ibrahim, Raju and Ram trample barefoot on the dusty asphalt, while dragging their carts and their weak bodies. They are the symbol of Kolkata, practicing an exhausting, humiliating and inhumane job. They are the Human Horses.

“It is not fair that in the XXI century a human being pulls another human being, it is a shame for our city and our state”, said the Minister of West Bengal a few years ago, trying to limit the emission of licenses needed by the Human Horses in order to work. For the three men, however, pulling the wagon has always been as natural as working as a farmer. The fact that there is a man on it, rather than a bag of potatoes, has never troubled them, because it is thanks to that job that they can feed a whole family.

From dawn to dusk, Ibrahim, Ram and Raju lead us through their affections, their friendships, their customers and their habits. They show us a particular way of dealing with life and talking about dreams and fears. The scenario in which they move is Kolkata, the undisputed capital of degradation, a city with a disastrous urban physiognomy, a relevant box where to observe the protagonists’ anachronistic lives from.

Major screenings, presentations:
  • − Zhenjiang Documentary Film Festival, Al Jazeera Film Festival Section, Zhenjiang (China) – November 2014
  • − Delhi Short Film Festival, Intl Documentary Contest, Delhi (India) – November 2014
  • − Al Jazeera Film Festival, Intl Documentary Contest, Doha (Qatar) - October 2014
  • − Terra di Tutti Film Festival, Intl Documentary Contest, Bologna (Italy) – October 2014

  • − Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Intl Documentary Contest, Arizona (USA) - October 2014

  • − Clorofilla Film Festival, Documentary Contest, Ostuni (BR) (Italy) – August 2014

  • − Life After Oil, Intl Documentary Contest, Martis (SS) (Italy) - August 2014

  • − Ischia Film Festival, Documentary Contest, Ischia (Italy) – June 2014

  • − Cines del Sur, Al Jazeera Film Festival Section, Granada (Spain) - June 2014

  • − Il cinema visto da Milano, Documentary Review, Cineteca di Milano (Italy) – April 2014

  • − DocInTour, Theatrical distribution in Emilia Romagna (Italy) – Spring 2014

  • − Visioni Italiane, Documentary Contest, Cineteca di Bologna (Italy) – February 2014

  • − London Award Film, Intl Documentary Contest, London (UK) - December 2013
  • − Best Cinematography @ Delhi Short Film Festival, Delhi (India) – November 2014
  • − Best Direction @ Life After Oil, Martis (SS) (Italy) - August 2014

  • − Jury Award @ London Film Award – Documentary Film Festival, London (UK) - December 2013



ROSARIO SIMANELLA graduated in 'Communication sciences and technologies' at Milan University in 2002, he specializes in 'Public, Social and Political Communication' at Bologna University in 2005.
After a PGD in Film Making at Bologna University, he starts to work as film maker and video editor and to collaborate with the biggest television and commercial Italian production companies.
Great traveller and passionated of the indian and south American culture and society, he realises a number of self produced videos in Bolivia and India.
The Human horses is his first documentary.

was born in Bologna in 1972, and has been working as freelance cameraman in the broadcast industry for 20 years, and also for many TV programs, live music, sports events, industrial films, commercials and videoclips.
Along with his work on television, he bears the passion of photography.
In 2010 he begins to be keen on documentaries and shoots "Dove osano le mucche", his first short documentary (2010), which was awarded at some festivals.
In 2012 he released his second documentary "Ortobello", a medium length documentary which won several national awards, and is currently has been selected to several international documentary festival. "Ortobello" has also received the Public Award the environmental F.I.C.A. in Goias, Brasil.

Bo Film

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