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South Africa
Rendező: Greg BAKKER
86 min. 2016,
szöveges, English
Forgalmazó: Gray Kotze
Gyártó: Gray Kotze
Forgatókönyv: Greg Bakker
Operatőr: Gray Kotze
Vágó: Raymond Craig
Rory Keohane, Greg Bakker, Keita Nishi, Nanami Osada, Marietta Jedamanova

GREG is a young English teacher who has been living in Tokyo for one year. It is his last day left in the city before he flies back to his home country that night, South Africa, where he will go back to study and where the girl that he once loved still lives. Greg starts his day by meeting up with various friends and saying his final goodbyes to them.

Greg then meets up with TOMMY, a fellow South African who he is close friends with. They eat lunch and then adventure around Tokyo together, doing the final things Greg would like to do before he leaves Japan.
They venture off to Kamakura, to see the house where Greg’s parents once lived 28 years ago. Along the way they encounter KEITA, a suicidal young man, and NANAMI, a woman who Rory has a complicated relationship with, who join them on the journey to the house.

After reaching his parents’ old house and saying his final goodbyes Greg finally embarks for the airport where he waits for the plane to take him back to South Africa and ponders about the things and people he still holds on to.


Greg Bakker was born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. At 19 he wrote, directed and edited the 30-minute sci-f short film, Harlinn (2012), which made the official selection at the 2013 Durban International Film Festival. He has been involved in a number of local South African projects since 2010 which include numerous music videos and short films. One of these shorts, Alona (2013), competed at the Shnit International Film Festival. His graduation film, Windstil (2014), won awards at both the Shnit International Film Festival and Jozi Film Festival and made the official selection at Durban International Film Festival.

After graduating Greg worked in the commericals industry for a brief period until he was asked to assist his mentor, director Oliver Hermanus, on Hermanus' third feature film, The Endless River (2016). The Endless River competed in the main competition at the 2016 Venice Film Festival. After working with Hermanus, Greg moved to Tokyo where he directed Relics (2016).

Relics is his feature film directorial debut.


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