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Élet az élet előttÉlet az élet előttÉlet az élet előtt
Elu enne elu

Life before Life

Élet az élet előtt
Rendező: Rao HEIDMETS
7 min. 2017,
szöveg nélkül
Gyártó: RHF Stuudio / Rao Heidmets
Forgatókönyv: Rao Heidmets
Operatőr: Urmas Jõemees
Animátor: Priit Tender,Leo Lätti,Eneli Kelli,Morten Tsinakov,Pauline Heidmets,Lucija Mrzljuk
Zeneszerző: Sven Grünberg
Vágó: Rao Heidmets

The newborn butterfly Bruno flies into the wide world to look for something better, not realizing that he was born at the best place ever. A vicious bush is drawing Bruno like a magnet. And just before landing on a leaf, Bruno is eaten up. Only the wings remain fall from the leaves. Through a mist, they are taken to another world.
Bruno’s adventures in the other world end up with a lecture about LIFE AFTER LIFE
Bruno’s unexpected question “Aren’t you wrong, isn’t it life before life that you’re trying to prove?” becomes fatal. The scientist gets so angry that he falls onto the floor, lifeless.
The angry audience kills Bruno as well. Through the mist, the pieces of both, the scientist and Bruno, fall into the next world. After landing, by chance, on the same flower, they recognize each other. During a brief conversation, they realize that in a way both of them were right.

Élet az élet előtt

Is born in 1956 in Pärnu, Estonia. He graduated from the Tallinn Technical University, faculty of electro-energetics as the engineer of electric networks and systems.
After the finishing university in 1982 he changed career and went to the «Tallinnfilm» studios to
make animated films.

  • TUVITÄDI, ( DOVE AUNT) director, animator. puppetfilm, 1983
  • NURIL, ( NURIL) director, animator puppetfilm, 1985
  • KAELKIRJAK, (GIRAFE) director puppetfilm, 1986
  • SERENAAD, (SERENADE) director, writer, co-art designer puppetfilm, 1987
  • PAPA CARLO TEATER, ( THEATRE PAPA CARLO) director, co-writer. puppetfilm 1988
  • NOBLESSE OBLIGE, (NOBLESSE OBLIGE) director, co-writer puppetfilm 1989
  • PÄKAPIKUPUU, ( ELFS TREE) director, writer puppetfilm, 1991
  • ELUTUBA, (LIVINGROOM) director, writer pixallation, 1994
  • KALLIS HÄRRA Q, (DEAR MISTER MOON ) producer, director, co-writer 92 min. feature film, 1998
  • BIRTHDAY CAKE co-director commercial 1998
  • HEINALOOM, (GRASSBIRD) producer, director, script. 34 min. feature film, 2001
  • COLLECTIVE WITCHCRAFT commercial director ,script commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2
  • IRRESISTIBLE OPPORTUNITIES commercial director ,script puppetfilm 1 min. 2003
  • GRAVITY MIRACLE commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2003
  • JEWELERY ADDICTION commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2003
  • ENIGMATICAL LOVER commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2003
  • INSTINKT ( INSTINCT) director, writer puppetfilm 2003
  • CONQUISTADOR commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2005
  • CRAZY HOUR commercial director ,script puppet film 1 min. 2005
  • PÄRLIMEES (THE PEARLMAN) director,script, designer puppet 12 min. 2006
  • mixed 10 min. 2008
  • PROHVETI SÜND (Oracle is Born...?...) director,script, puppet 13 min.2011
  • MUNA ( The Egg) direktor,script , mixed 5 min. 2013
  • ELU ENNE ELU ( Life Before Life) director , mixed animation 7`40`´ 2017 ( RHF Stuudio )
RHF Stuudio

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