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Amélia & Duarte

Portugal, Germany
Rendező: Alice GUIMARãES & Mónica SANTOS
9 min. 2015,
szöveges, Portuguese, English felírattal
Forgalmazó: AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency
Gyártó: Abi Feijó - CICLOPE FILMES / Thomas Meyer-Hermann - STUDIO FILM BILDER
Forgatókönyv: Mónica Santos, Alice Guimarães
Operatőr: Manuel Pinto Barros
Animátor: Mónica Santos, Alice Guimarães
Zeneszerző: Pedro Marques
Vágó: Martha Ewa Wojakowska
Gilberto Oliveira, Sara Costa

In this story we are guided through the relationship of Amélia and Duarte, two people that felt out of love and are trying to cope with the feelings that come after a relationship has ended.

Their relationship has the shape of an archive box and their contents illustrate the story about their breakup. We are guided through their separation as they try to divide, destroy and erase the memories of each other.

The film is made in pixilation and stop-motion and has a Technicolor feel of the 50s, portraying not only the surrealism of their actions, but also providing an ironic chromatic impression about the end of love.


Alice Guimarães (27 de Agosto de 1980)
Alice Eça Guimarães studied digital arts, at the School of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University. Since then, she has taken a special interest in animation, and through the years, she made small animated films for several brands such as Sonae, the Intermarché or the publisher Leya and also educational films, such as the awarded "A incrível História das Linhas de Torres Vedras".

  • Um estranho ruído que passa” – 2001

Mónica Santos (21 de Dezembro de 1980)
Mónica Santos studied at the Royal College of Art, Communication art & design, London, where she had a scholarship given by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
Versatile in both theoretical and practical views on cinema, Monica not only had presentations of her films in Portugal, United Kingdom, France and Italy, but currently she is doing a PhD in film studies.
In addition to working in real and animated moving images, she makes several illustrations for various periodicals such as Jornal de Notícias, Diário de Notícias, Jornal i, Expresso, Visão among others.

  • “Um estranho ruído que passa” – Odisseia das imagens. Porto, Capital da Cultura, 2001. Prémio melhor animação.
  • 2009-2010 - "“Bee’s” e “Am I attractive?” projeto de Susana Soares
  • 2007 - "The story of the missing pink jacket"
  • 2006 - "Your words"
  • 2005 - "Hinoe-uma"
  • 2005 - "Wall prelude"
AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency

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