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A nevezetes névtelen

The Remarkable Anonymus

Rendező: KATONA Zsuzsa
66 min. 2016,
szöveg nélkül
Forgalmazó: Aster Film
Gyártó: Aster Film
Forgatókönyv: Katona Zsuzsa
Operatőr: Dala István, Reich László
Vágó: Lecza Attila
Narrátor: Rajkai Zoltán
Szervét Tibor, Rudolf Péter, Fekete Ernő, Rátóti Zoltán, Spiró György, Szathmári Botond, Dúl Antal, Palkovics Tibor, Szakács Gábor

Although often referred to as writer or philosopher, Béla Hamvas, one of the most significant thinkers of the 20th century is still hard to categorize. His life work of essays, novels, stories and reviews can be seen as an individual quest for his own ‘pathway to salvation’; beyond recognizing and defining the universal crisis of the WORLD and all human beings living within, his main objective was to find directions towards a life that is based on the equilibrium of reality and normality.

In his writings, he tried to find out how to live a full, credible and ‘normal’ human life and investigated the destiny and purpose of one’s existence. The exploration and definition of this intellectual and spiritual path had become his life goal. Béla Hamvas wanted to live as he was thinking about life, and during his 71 years, he had completed his goal.

Our film aims to give an overview of Béla Hamvas’s life for those who are not familiar with his name. The film consists of multiple layers: a narrative biography with archive film excerpts and photos covering the period from 1897 to 1968; and a series fictional scenes based on personal inner monologues (featuring Ernő Fekete) that pictures the thoughts of Béla Hamvas by. These subjective inner monologues were all filmed at sites where Béla Hamvas lived: in Bratislava, Budapest apartments, Szentendre, Inota, Bokod, Tiszapalkonya, etc.

The film also features interviews by widely and lesser-known personalities who understand the legacy of Hamvas (Antal Dúl, Tibor Palkovics, Gábor Szakács, Botond Szathmáry, György Spiró, Tibor Szervét), letters addressed to him, and the memoirs of his wife, Katalin Kemény, while the events filmed at the Hamvas-festival in Őriszentpéter gives an insight into his works. The excerpts of his writings (The philosophy of wine, Carnival, Scientia Sacra, Unicorn, Patmos) are narrated by actors (Zoltán Rátóti, Tibor Szervét, Péter Rudolf).

Our film aims to interlace all the above mentioned layers to summarize the personality and thoughts of Béla Hamvas.

Fontosabb bemutatási helyek:
Ars Sacra Filmfesztivál, Toldi Mozi, Cirko Gejzír
Aster Film

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