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2019. September SuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMo Actual program:




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Director: Md.Ariful ISLAM
8 min. 2018,
with dialogue, Bangla, English subtitled

Hira, who is a student of film making course, suddenly meet up with rini who studied in theater, in the elevator of the film institute. Rini has blocked Hira from her Facebook and phone. Hira knows that she joined TV course and stays in dormitory. Hira meet Oishee friend of rini while visiting the dormitory to meet Rini. Oishee said that Rini currently has three lovers. Hira falls in love with Oishee. Oishee tells her friends that she is in love with Hira to get an opportunity to act in his films, because Hira is the future filmmaker. A month later the course of Oishee was completed. One day before the departure of Oishee, during the dating of Hira and Oishee, Oishee said that she will act in the drama and film directed by Hira. According to Hira, she will act only if she fits with the character, not the other. Oishee brokeup love relationship with Hira. Like Rini, Oishee blocked Hira on Facebook and mobile phones.

Major screenings, presentations:
  • Screening at 30 September “2nd Bardhaman Short Film Festival -2018”, 30 September -2018. Bardhaman, Kalkata, India.
  • Officer selection at 12 Months Film Festival, December -2018, CLUJ-Napoca, Romania
Md.Ariful ISLAM

filmography of Ariful Islam

  • Make 9 short & 5 documentary films.
  • Short film "0paretion hazir"(duration-12min) screening to"1st short & documentary film festival-2010", Dhaka.
  • Short film "Bisorjito deshpream"(duration-1min)  screening to "Ser-e-bangla Agriculture University film Exibition-2011" Dhaka. Screening to "2nd bijoy film festival -2012” Rajshahi College, Rajshahi. Organized by Borendro Theatre.
  • Short film "Dhakka......duite vinnoroop"(duration-5.45min) screening to"5th International Inter University short film festival-2011"
  • Documentary film "sombobona jekane lokiae" (duration-5min). This film attend to final participant" My village, my pried" competition (2011). Organized by Gram web
  • Documentary film "play & learn" (duration-1min) screening to international conference on "Teriary Education: Realities and Challenges (2013)". Organized by Daffodil International University (DIU).
  • Short film "Kukurer poti…” (10.09 min) produced by Bangladesh Cinema & Television Institute (BCTI) Twice screening to 11 countries participate "International documentary & short film festival-2015" 4-9 September, Dhaka, Bangladesh Organized by deki projojona. Screening to Bangladesh Cinema & Television Institute 2nd foundation program 1-2 November, 2015 at National Museum Auditorium. Screening at Pori, Finland, 29 November as Part of "1st Pori Film Festival, 25-29 November,2015”. Screening at 19 January as Part of 14th Dhaka international film festival-2016, 14-22 January, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Award-Best sound take cetagory. "Sodesi Short Film Festival & Compition-2015”, 3-5 January-2016. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Screening at 17 March as Part of U-Special International Campus Film Festival-2016.NewDhilli, India.  Screening at 18 May at 44th Festival of Nations-2016, 13-19 May, Lenzing, Austria.  Screening at 2 September at International FerFilm Festival-2016, 2-6 September, Ferizaj, Kosovo.  Screening at 11 October at CINE ECO 2016-22nd International Festival of Environmental Cinema of Serra da Estrela, 8-15 October-2016, Seia, Portugal. Screening at 7 November at Hrithik Ghothok Film Festival, 4-8 November -2016,Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Screening at 18 November at 20th Faludi Youth Film Festival-2016, 18-19 November, Budapest , Hungary. Screening at 27 March at 6th Bijoy Film Festival, 27-28 March -2017,Rajshahi College, Rajshahi,Bangladesh. Screening at 19 May at Pickurflick Indie Film Festival-PIFF 2017,19-21 May 2017,, New Delhi, India.  Award- Experimental of the Month at 12 Months Film Festival, May-2017, CLUJ-Napoca, Romania.  Screening at 2 September at Arkadia ShortFest, 1-3 September -2017, Băicoi, district of Prahova, Romania. Screening at 9 September at Film Festival Bioscope, 9 September -2017, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Screening at 13 October at LadyBug ShortFilm Marathon 2017, 13 October -2017, Gothenburg, Sweden. Screening at 24th International Independent Film Festival ,PUBLICYSTYKA 2017, 20-22 October -2017, Kędzierzyn – Koźle, Poland. Screening at 23 November at Green Vision XXII-th International Environmental Film Festival -2017, 21-24th November-2017, ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA Screening at 25 November at 4th Sahar International Short Film Festival-2017, 25th November-2017, Oldham, England. Screening at 7 December at Geofilmfestival Seconda Edizione 9th November-2017-4 March-2018. Cittadella (PD), Padua, Italy.  Award- Best Actor (Female) & 3rd Best Short film at 4th Bosonto Shortfilm Festival 2018, 26 February-2018, Dhaka, Bangladesh. AWARDS-Exceptional Merit, Direction: Exceptional Merit at WRPN.TV Short, Tight and Loose global film festival competition (WSTL)-2018,Coastal Highway,Nassau, United States. Screening at 3 November at Bogura Youth Short Film Festival-2018, 1-3 November 2018. Bogura, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
  • Short film `orthohin mhuhortho (meaningless moments)(1.49 min) Officer selection at 12 Months Film Festival, January -2018, CLUJ-Napoca, Romania
  • Nesha khor (2.53 min) Screening at 12 August at 7th International Haiku Amateur Little Film (HALF) Festival-2017, 12 -13th August, 2017, Palakkad, Kerala, India. Officer selection at 12 Months Film Festival, September -2017, CLUJ-Napoca, Romania.
  • Short film ` Mitali joins the battle’ (10:09 min) Screening at 2 December at 6th Dheki International Motion Picture’s Festival-2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Screening 18 March at 1st Rajshahi International Film Festival, 17-21 March -2017, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Officer selection at 12 Months Film Festival, October -2017, CLUJ-Napoca, Romania.
  • Documentary film ` Lessons for new days going on in silence "(12:16 min). Award -2nd Places Documentary of the Month at 12 Months Film Festival, November-2017, CLUJ-Napoca, Romania.
  • Documentary film ` Madok Birodi Procarona mas January-2017 "(18:02 min). Production of Department of Narcotics Control-(DNC), Ministry of Home Affairs (Bangladesh)
  • Short film `Natural Beauty…an unexpected finishing’ (09:09 min) Screening at 5 December at 7th Dheki International Motion Picture’s Festival-2017, 1-7 December . Dhaka, Bangladesh. Award -2nd Places Experimental of the Month at 12 Months Film Festival, December -2017, CLUJ-Napoca, Romania. Screening at 28 December at 1st Borendro Film Festival-2017, 27-29 December. Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Screening at 01 January. "2nd Sodesi Short Film Festival & Compition-2017”, 1-3 January-2018. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Short film `Sensitive’ (07:52 min) Screening at 30 September “2nd Bardhaman Short Film Festival -2018”, 30 September -2018. Bardhaman, Kalkata, India.
  • Documentary film ` Unnoenor Pothe Parborto Chttogram "(10:07 min). Production of Ministry of Chittagong Hill Tracts Affairs (Bangladesh) Screening at 28 0ctober “Inauguration ceremony of Sheikh Hasina Chittagong Hill Tracts Complex by Sheikh Hasina, Prime minister of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.












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