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Téli Fény

Winter Light

Téli Fény
Director: Skule ERIKSEN
25 min. 2011 DVD, Colour,
with words, Norwegian, English subtitled
Distributor: Lisbeth Dreyer
Producer: Lisbeth Dreyer
Screenplay: Skule Eriksen
Cinematographer: Skule Eriksen
Music: Øistein Boassen
Editor: Skule Eriksen

Winter Light is a film from the islands of Lofoten, north of the Arctic Circle in Norway. After weeks of low autumn light, the sun sinks below the horizon and stays there during the depth of winter. But the scarce light has its subtle beauty, as it falls on people's everyday life as well as the unique Arctic landscape. The film is poetic and rhythmic, and has very little dialogue.


Major screenings, presentations:
  • Planet in Focus, Toronto, Canada, October 2011 (world premiere)
  • Bergen International Film Festival, Norway, October 2011
  • Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska, USA, December 2011

Skule Eriksen has worked in films for 35 years. He has made documentaries and short films, and has also worked extensively as a film editor on feature films, commercials and documentaries.

Many of his films are about nature, and people's relation to nature. In his last films, Fjord and Winter Light, he tries to challenge the way we portrait nature in films.

Selection from director's filmography:


  • Mo Sami Valdet (The taking of Samiland) documentary - (Main Prize, Oberhausen, 1984, Grand Prix Golden Dragon, Krákow, 1984, Audience Award, Norwegian Short Film Festival, 1984)
  • Trollskogen/The Magic Wood, 1986 (short fiction for children)
  • Slakteren/The Butcher, 1989 (short fiction for children)
  • Sak 216 B/Case 216 B (documentary) 1998, (Terje Vigen Award, Norwegian Short Film Festival, 1998)
  • Fattighuset/The House of the Poor (documentary for TV) 2001
  • Kriss (documentary for TV) 2003
  • Siste sommer på Hekkingen/Last Summer at Hekkingen (documentary for TV) 2007
  • Fjord, 2009
  • (Best Photo, Eco-Etno-Folk, Romania, 2010, Artistic Merits Award, Green Vision, Russia, 2010, West Estonia County Film Award, Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia, 2010, Best Documentary, Cinextur ,Spain, 2011, Best Camera Work, Envirofilm, Slovakia 2011, Best Ecology Film, Film, A&T Festival, Poland, 2011, Silver Wave Award for the Best Ecology Film, Silafest, Serbia, 2011, Raven Award Short Film Best Cinematography, Docutah, USA, 2011, Best Sound, International W. Puchalski Nature Film Festival, Poland 2011, Best Sound Design, Montana CINE Film Festival, USA 2011, Best Short Film, Green Screen Fest, Serbia 2011, Best Environmental Film, Miami Short Film Festival, USA, 2011)
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