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A szovjet levelezőpajtás

My Soviet Pen Friend
Rendező: PAPP Gábor Zsigmond
54 min. 2011 BetacamSP, színes,
szöveges, Russian, Hungarian, English, Italian , English felírattal
Forgalmazó: Bologna Film
Gyártó: Bologna Film
Forgatókönyv: Papp Gábor Zsigmond, Oksana Sarkisova
Operatőr: Lovasi Zoltán
Vágó: Bartos Bence
Narrátor: Papp Gábor Zsigmond
Julia Lukjanova, Papp Gábor Zsigmond, Oksana Sarkisova, Kirill Maslennikov

This story started thirty years ago. I was a seventh grader in the January of 1980 when I got a Soviet pen-friend. Our Russian teacher handed out some envelopes with Cyrillic writing on them saying that from that those were our pen-friends. I was lucky because mine was a girl from Moscow. Her name was Julia. We corresponded with each other for three years and though we never met in person, I have kept all her letters. And now I’m travelling to Moscow, because I have decided to find her and make a film about our childhood during the socialist regime.


PAPP Gábor Zsigmond

DATE OF BIRTH 21st December 1966


1993-1996 Hungarian Film Academy of Budapest
Degree in directing short films, documentaries

1986-1992 University of ELTE Budapest
Degree in history and literature

1990-1991 Scholarship of the European Community to the
University of Bologna, Faculty of Political Sciences


Tandori portrait on a poet 1996
/ Award of the Famalicao Festival, Portugal 2000 /
Festivals: Art Film Fest, Slovakia 1997, Goias, Brazil 2000
The Last Days of the College 1996
Budapest Retro - Genres from the 60-ies and 70-ies 1998
The Novelist’s Heritage Short fiction 1998
Festivals: Art Film Slovakia 1999, Olomoutz 2001
Supper with Péter Esterházy portrait on a writer 1999
/ Sensor Filmfestival – Award of the Best Documentary 2000 /
My Native Village: Budapest documentary-serie I. Street People 2002 II. Party People 2002 III. Mall People 2003
Budapest Retro 2. Genres from the 60-ies and 70-ies 2003
The School of the Empire -The German School in Budapest 1908-1944 2003
/ 35. Hungarian Film Festival –The Best Documentary
35. Hungarian Film Festival – Award for the DP 2004 /
The Life of an Agent – Police training films in the communism 2004
Festivals: IDFA Amsterdam 2005, JIFF Jakarta 2005, EuroDok Oslo 2006, , Eastsilver Jihlava 2005, Human Rights Filmfest, Warsaw, 2005, DocsBarcelona 2006, Nashville Filmfest 2006, , Mar del Plata Filmfest 2006
Ash Wednesday – The Translocation of the Technical University in Germany 2004
University in Flight – Hungarian Architect Students in Denmark 1945-47 2005
Balaton retro Genres from the 60-ies and 70-ies 2007
Spy in a One Horse Town 2008
40. Hungarian Film Festival – The Best Documentary (Shared)
East-Weast Passage 2009
The Enemy is among Us 2010
My Soviet Pen Friend 2011

Bologna Film


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