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MEDIAWAVE ARCHIVE 1991-2016 :: MEDIAWAVE 2012 :: MW2012 FILM PROGRAMME :: INTERNATIONAL JURY :: KATALIN LADIK poet, actress, performance artist

Katalin Ladik (1942, Novi Sad) is a poet, actress, performance artist, visual artist. She pursued a career as a professional actress, working for a number of years at Radio Novi Sad and being part of ensemble of the Novi Sad Theatre, a the Hungarian theatre. Played major roles both in theatre and on film, working with such directors as Miklós Jancsó, György Harag, Gábor Székely, Tibor Csizmadia and Tibor Vajda. Her work includes theatre, film, radio plays, experimental music, the visual arts, performances, happenings, concept photographs. Her original works in visual art and a comprehensive collection of photos ducumenting her live performances have been displayed at two retrospective exhibitions, first at Novi Sad (2010) and later at Székesfehérvár (2011).

Her poetry takes diverse forms, including sound poems and visual poems. Her visual works and audio-visual recordings can be found in several avant-garde archives, such as Erste Group’s Kontakt Collection in Vienna, Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA)in Barcelona, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Sudac Collection and the travelling exhibition, performing archive of re.act.feminism based in Berlin, Some of her visual poems can be found at Petőfi Literary Museum (PIM), Budapest, and her sound poem recordings in Hungarian Electronic Library at National Széchenyi Library, Budapest (www.mek.oszk.hu).

She performed at the most prestigious sound poetry and performance festivals all over the world, including Belgrade, Zagreb, Budapest, Bratislava, Paris, New York, Amsterdam and Marseille. Her volumes were translated from Hungarian in Serbian, Croatian, English, French and Italian, while selected poems also appeared in anthologies and magazines in Spanish, German, Polish, Bulgarian, Hindi, Chinese, Indonesian, Romanian, Macedonian, and Slovenian.

Her latest publications include: A négydimenziós ablak (The Four-dimensional Window), poetry, Mikes International, Den Haag, 2004, Élhetek az arcodon? (May I Live on Your Face?), autobiographic novel, Nyitott Könyvműhely, Budapest, 2007, and Belső vízözön (The Deluge Inside), poetry, Parnasszus, Budapest, 2011. She has earned various awards, including the ''Kassák Lajos'' Award (1991), the award of ''Mikes Kelemen Kör'' (Association for Hungarian Art, Literature and Science in the Netherlands) (2000), and the Laurel Wreath Award (2012)."







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