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2018. March ThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSaSuMoTuWeThFrSa Actual program:




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1./ The main location of the MEDIAWAVE festival is going to be the Danube tower in the Fort Monostor which is going to live an independent life during the event!


2./ The rest of the fort bears the rules of the fort!

3./ Special discount: the fort can be visited for 100 Forints, with guided tour for 400 Forints, until 17.00 every day for the festival visitors. So the festival tower can be accessible from the fort as well during opening hours. Festival passes can be purchased at the main entrance of the Fort Monostor.









1./ The Danube Tower of the Fort Monostor can be approached from the marked road on foot!    


2./ You can park your car for free in the car park of the Fort! 

3./ We advice you to come by train if you live far away to support environmental thinking. Trains come and go anyway without causing more pollution. The programme is put together in a way that the main concerts end before 22:00. So every one can catch the last train fo Budapest (22:10), Székesfehérvár (22:10) and Győr (21:53; 22:53).

The train station is 15-20 minutes walk.

Between 10:00 and 23:00 horse coaches ( KADÉT LOVAS TANYA) will help the travelling between the train station and the festival bastion (age 0-2 free, 300 Ft/ child; 400 Ft/ adult).









1./ 28-30 APRIL: basic daily ticket: 1200 Forints,

for what you get: every programme exept the cinema and the evening concerts. But you get also a MEDIAWAVE dinar, 1 MEDI for free (1 MEDI = 600 Ft; approx. € 2) what you can use for the following:

1.a./ International film festival

the basic ticket and showing of one MEDI (what you get with the basic ticket) you can attend all the film screenings of the day


1.b./ International music festival

for the evening concerts you need 2 MEDIs, so you will need to buy one more MEDI to the one you got at the entrance. You will have to give the 2 MEDIs to the ticket collector when you enter the concert hall.


1.c./ What else you can do with a MEDI?
- a MEDI can be a present or souvenir
- a MEDI can be an exchange value at the swapping (see below)

2./ 27th April: the programme costs 1200Ft, and you get 1 MEDI as well. The films can be seen by showing this one MEDI, the evening concert you will have to pay with the MEDI.


3./ The programme on 26. April costs 600 Ft




1./ for children – up to age 14 - entrance is for free (for films and concerts as well.)

2./ for disabled people entrance is free (without age limit for films and concerts.)

3./ students (by showing a student card) can enter for 600 Fts and they'll recieve also 1 MEDI. (So they'll need to have one more MEDI for the evening concerts.)

4./ family discount: for child(ren) under 18 the entrance is free if they arrive with parents 

5./ pensioners – showing a certificate - entrance is free (for films and concerts.) 

6./  visitors of thr Fort Monostor showing their valin ticket can enter for 600 Ft and they get a MEDI as well.








For the exchange value of the film screenings and evening concerts we introduce a local currency:


1 MEDI = 600 Ft, (approx. € 2)



The new festival currency, the MEDI has a strong background - cultural and community buzz and environmental thinking stands in the background!







To help the environmental thinking the swapping objects should be handmade, like granny's jam, home made sausage, bacon, vine, pálinka, honey, cake or anything which carries the work of men. We admint that in today's society not every one can afford to own something home made. But we hope that among the family members, the base unit of society there are some people who still excersize this maybe old fashioned habit which is the basic unit of the environment friendly future. More simply: look around in granny's pantry or grandpa's cellar! Or look for the handicrafts and small manufacturers on the supermarket shelfs.


What is swapping for in the world of MEDIAWAVE?

1./ First of all – you can avoid the catering service if you find it expensive. If you would like to take this opportunity bring some extra things with you so you can exchange them with your friends or unknown festival visitors. (jam for vine for example.) The festival staff doesn't want to obstruct this kind of activity but support it by providing a place for the swapping.

2./ Secondly – swapping could shape the community relationship. Be part of it! Don't be a dot in the crowd, audience but be a part of the community!


3./ Not least -  we would like to help the process of performer audience relationship giving-recieving part to be more conscious. Anyone who stands on stage does it because he/she wants to give us something. And what the performer wants to give is valuable and he/she worked for his/her knowledge. The base of ancient society was correlation, which mutated by social differences and the appearance of money. But we think that the feeling of interaction lies there in every soul, in this case the fact that if an artist gives us something we should give something back, too. Something we can return the favour with - e.g. a bottle of vine, marmelade, etc. whatever we have in our packs and bags. To support this old-and-new habit we will place a basket (MEDIAWAVE gift basket) in ront of the stage where the presents should be placed during or at the end of the performance. They are going to be very pleased, believe us!


4./ We would like to mention only blushed that we - organizers - would also accept some trifles in our baskets in these crucial times. We volunteer workers do our job to see other people happy and not because we have to. Fot the ones who are open to the values we stand for.

5./ We would like to build the countries biggest "ruin- pub" in the Danube tower so we welcome chairs or tables and in exchange the entrance is discounted!






Unfortunately or more fortunately the Danube tower is outside the Hungarian mobile networks. If you keep your phone on you will be in Slovakian network.


Please turn your phone on after a film or concert! Only to see the time so you won't miss the train!









If you have any further questions please write us:


in connection with the festival: info@mediawave.hu


in connection with the Fort Monostor: info@fort-monostor.hu


















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