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2016-06-03 14:20

In your festival I felt like at home-Anti Naulainen's opinion


Anti arrived at Mediawave with the Estonian delegation.

He does not consider himself a festival guy, but after reading his opinion we should reconsider the statement.

Read his thoughts in the details.

Photo: Péter Nyikos

2016-05-26 7:29

ASSIF TSAHAR & TATSUYA NAKATANI (USA/JPN) - concert video (excerpt)

Assif Tsahar - sax, Tatasuya Nakatani - drum
Two well-known improvised musicians came together. The duo was formed 13 years ago in Manhattan.


Photo: Péter Nyikos

2016-05-21 22:19


The drummer from Chicago is surely one of the greatest jazz drummers in the world. Since 2002, he has not only played at Mediwave with different formations, but also formed the atmosphere of the festival with participating in jam sessions and workshops and simply with his presence.

Three years ago he played with Viktor Tóth and then Iva Bittová. This time he wasn't on tour but just came to be together with Mediawave-friends. He seemed to have a great time and to our surprise his solo concert turned to a duo with Viktor Tóth.  It was a real jam session, a free improvisation as they didn't have a minute rehearsal... You can see an excerpt of the concert in the detail and the complete concert in the Mediawave Film Archive.


Photo: Csaba Nyikos

2016-05-20 021:00

MIKE PARKER'S TRIO THEORY (USA/POL) - concert video /excerpt/

Slawek Pezda - sax, Mike Parker - double bass, Frank Parker - drum
The most exciting jazz concert of the MEDIAWAVE Gathering 2016. "An ingenious synthesis of all musical genres... it's all that jazz should be” - as the critic predicted for us, and it proved to be right. Original jazz new wave with young, energetic musicians. You can listen to a track in the details, but the full concert is available in the Mediawave Film Archive.


photo: Péter Nyikos

2016-05-18 20:13

...like an oasis in a crazy corporate and globalizing world - Liis Nimik's opinion

Liis is a film director, editor and festival programmer from Tallin and came to visit our Gathering with a group of Estonian fim makers and festival organisers.  They brought some specialities from home that they presented on a table full of food and drink. Thanks to all of our Estonian friends once again!

You can read Liis's opinion below in the details.

Fotó: Krizsán Csaba


2016-05-17 20:26

THIS FESTIVAL IS A COOL PLACE - Polly Péter's opinion

Polly, a Waldorf Grammar school student from Győr, worked at our Gathering for the second time. This time she was the member of our Student Jury and beside she helped solving abruptly appearing problems. You can read about her experiences in the details.

Discussion with Réka Szűcs and Batarita after their film screening. Photo: Rudolf Várhegyi



If Estonian animation, Priit Tender's name is well-known in the animation world. His name appears frequently on the Mediawave list of "films selected to competition" and also on our award lists. This year he was the member of our international film jury and received the Parallel Culture Award from Mediawave which goes to those determined artists who have not been broken or dragged down to mediocrity by political pressure or the pressure of their environment.

Read his opinion connecting Mediawave to a CERN particle generator in the details

2016-05-13 20:53

CSABA KRIZSÁN's (Győr) mood photos

I was born on the 21 March, 1981 in Oradea, Romania and was interested in photography early in my childhood but I didn't deal with it until the age of 19.  In 2005 I had the opportunity to start to work at Kisalföld Daily as a photo reporter. This way I got to know a new world of photography and I recognised that this was what I wanted to do in the future. I had worked for 6 years at the Daily and then since 2011, as the local and regional photo reporter of the MTI, I started to inform the country and the world about local events. You can reach the photos here.


2016-05-12 21:32

MANDALA BUILDING (COMMUNITY program) - Anett Hargitai's opinion

Thank you for the opportunity that we could spend the day with you. Mediawave is a tiny festival with big heart. We arrived early in the morning on Saturday, the fortress and the guests were just waking up. It was good to start our presence like this. We found our place a little bit slowly like when you are just walking up and down still sleepy in your appartmant. Finally we started to build the manadala in front of the bastion on the field. In front of us, as if the River Danube had brought people on the shambling tows to put a stone, a drawing, flowers, pearls or plants to the mandala growing more and more colourful. Many children and adulst participated and then a miracle, a common work of art was born.


2016-05-11 023:03

ÁLOMZÚGBAN A FORGÓ - from the performance (video)

with Péter Nyikos's photos

This project came alive for the Long Lasting Mediawave from the meeting of a folk music band, a puppet theratre actress and a fine artist. The participants: Katalin Ér i -vocal, double bass; Éva Gózon - vocal, violin; Júlia Nedeczky - saxophon, vocal; Léna Tekauer - vocal, koboz; Sára Tímár - vocal, Kriszta Tóth - tale teller; Gabi Makhult - illustrations

The Forgó ensemble was formed in 2008, they shape Hungarian and other nations' folk music to their own voice. Beside the thorough knowledge of pure source, the aesthetics is very important to them with the help of which they turn the original tunes to whirling. Their keystones are female poliphony and the colourfulness, the feature of each of them. An extract from the performance can be watched in the details.

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2016-09-01 09:08


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