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After three attempts, the new date:

28 April - 1 May, 2021

Kiscsősz, Hungary




After three attempts, the new date:

28 April - 1 May, 2021

Kiscsősz, Hungary

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International Competition 2011

74 films:

- 9 feature, 17 short fictions, 24 animations, 9 experimental and 15 documentary films

- film excerpts, trailers

- synopsis, bios, festival screenings, awards

- in focus: CREATOR WOMAN


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Különleges Bánásmód
Jeanne LABRUNE (France):
Alice, a luxury-prostitute in her forties got tired and seeks a therapist to change her life. Xavier, a well-established psychologist gets more and more weary of his clients' monologues. When his wife leaves him, he meets Alice. Both of them are loo...

Csendes Lelkek
Aleksei FEDORCHENKO (Russia):
When Miron's beloved wife Tanya passes away, he asks his best friend Aist to help him say goodbye to her according to the rituals of the Merya culture, an ancient Finno-Ugric tribe from Lake Nero, a picturesque region in West-Central Russia. Although the Merya people assimilated into Russians in the...

FEATURE FILMS 3.  (124')
Így ért véget a nyaram
Alexei POPOGREBSKY (Russia):
The place used to be a research centre on a desolate island in the Arctic Ocean. Today there are only two inhabitants: Sergei, a seasoned meteorologist and Pavel, a recent college graduate. They are spending months in complete isolation. Pavel receiv...

Ne félj, Bi!
Phan Dang Di (Vietnam / France / Germany):
In an old house in Hanoi, Bi, a six-years-old child, his parents, his aunt and their servant are living together in one house. His favourite playground is an ice factory. After years of absence, his grandfather, gravely ill, returned from abroad and settles home. Gradually, a relationship grows b...

FEATURE FILMS 5.  (111')
Bibliothéque Pascal
Hajdu Szabolcs (Hungary / Germany):
Mona Paparu is raising her three-year-old daughter alone. Because of a trip abroad she has to leave the child with her aunt. The Child Protection Agency takes the little girl away from the aunt. When Mona returns home she has to explain to the CPA what she has done abroad. The film tells the story...

FEATURE FILMS 6.  (192')
Marcel RASQUIN (Venezuela):
Daniel's an exceptional footballer, a striker. Julio's the team's captain, a born leader. They were raised as brothers and play football in their slum, La Ceniza. Daniel dreams to play professional football while Julio feeds the family with dirty money; he has no time to dream. The opportuni...

Marcel RASQUIN (Venezuela):
Daniel's an exceptional footballer, a striker. Julio's the team's captain, a born leader. They were raised as brothers and play football in their slum, La Ceniza. Daniel dreams to play professional football while Julio feeds the family with dirty money; he has no time to dream. The opportuni...

Bruno ROLLAND (France):
Léa 93 min.
Léa lives in Le Havre, the town where she grew up. She goes to university, takes care of her incapacitated grandmother, and works as a barmaid in a night club to make ends meet. But, Léa dreams of another life. She wants to move to Paris to study at the prestigious Institut d’Etudes Politiques...

Amikor a citrom sárgulni kezdett...
Mohammadreza VATANDOUST (Iran):
Shahrbanoo and Shahram's engagement coincides with the Iraq-Iran war. They both are physicians and so volunteer to serve at the front lines. Shahrbanoo goes missing-in-action. Shahram who is saddened and disappointed by Shahrbanoo’s loss, years...

Góliát nyara
Nicolás PEREDA (Mexico / Canada / The Netherlands):
Shocked by her husband’s sudden departure, Teresa embarks on a mission to find out what happened. Instead of finding answers, her mission becomes a journey through the streets and homes of the people she meets. Blending fiction and documentary,...

Valami kék
ZOMBORÁCZ Virág (Hungary):
Alice and Mary were classmates in the county town highschool. After graduation, they’ve separated: Mary went to college, while Alice felt in love and stayed in the grange. They meet at Alice's wedding, but Alice receives her friend reservedly: she reckons herself as a victim, and Mary as the s...

Vénusz vs. Én
Nathalie TEIRLINCK (Belgium):
Venus vs. Me 27 min.
Entangled in a realm of thought, twelve-year-old Marie has trouble growing up. When her young mother brings home a new boyfriend, questions remain unanswered and communication seems impossible. Frenetic, Marie tries to win back her mother while she silently finds solace in a world of memories.

Askia TRAORE (France):
Nola 25 min.
A special day in the life of Nola, her first leave after years of detention. The portrait of a woman around whom the world is teetering.

Háborgó tenger
Olivier LOUSTAU (France):
In Sete, France, ending a harsh strike at the refusal of their demands. Three professional fishermen go back out to sea. Their small boat shipwrecks, the three men are declared missing. The skipper's daughter refuses to beleive that they are actually dead...

SZABÓ Csilla (Hungary):
Tune 7 min.
There is the blind pianist in the underpass, the pimp, the abandoned woman, the valuer, the plumber, the composer, the producer and his chick, and a melody.

A kerítés
Tomasz MATUSZCZAK (Poland):
Mother (Maria Seweryn) and daughter (Michalina Rodak) live alone in a small house on the outskirts of the village. Their close relations get distorted by appearing of a mysterious man. Are women able to defend themselves from mutual jealousy and distrust? The film is based on the story of Aleksandra...

Branko ISTVANCIC (Croatia):
Roma family goes from the periphery to the city dump collecting goods. They found almost new garment, suit and a tie. They put clothes on their eldest son Safet and go to the most modern factory for recycling. It's Safet's first working day. The idea of this story is to show changes through recyclin...

TÖRÖK Marcell (Hungary):
Zsenya is about to go fishing in the cemetery, because there are lots of dead fish there. I mean dead body.

Jeroen JULLET (Belgium):
The Rains 22 min.
During a disastrous tour with their indie/punk band The Rains, two brothers are bound to drift apart.

Julien LUCAS (France):
A beach lost in the middle of nowhere... A young man cries for help. Buried up to his neck under water that's slowly rising, he tries to escape... But the place is deserted and despite his screaming no one responds.

Köszönöm,  jól
Mátyás PRIKLER (Slovakia):
Non-flattering, yet intimate insight to life of one family, fully reflecting destruction of human relations during the economic crisis.

Tudom, hogy van valaki
Gianclaudio CAPPAI (Italy):
In the shadows of a squalid farmhouse, under a suffocating oppressive heat, a troubled family struggles to deal with their fears, doubts and discomfort. Underlying tensions are surfacing. With each furtive glance or sound or bestial act witnessed, th...

Rémi MAZET (France):
Siggil 20 min.
Dakar, popular district. An old man, Lamine, is getting ready to go to an important meeting. At the other side of the city, in a somptuous villa, someone is waiting for him anxiously.

Múló idő
Laura BISPURI (Italy):
Passing time 10 min.
In an ancient agricultural house, silence crushes the soul of an untamed eighteen year-old, Chiara. Tommaso, her beloved grandfather, lies dead in the bed of her parents. As family prepares for the conformist goodbye parade, Chiara turns against the vacuous play of pain and imposed roles. Taking con...

Daniel MULLOY (United Kingdom):
Baby 25 min.
A young woman intervenes when she witnesses men mugging a girl. Now one of them won't leave her alone.

Katarzyna KLIMKIEWICZ (Poland):
Smuggled across borders, cheated by immoral intermediaries, trailed by police, at the mercy of foreigners – such is the fate of illegal immigrants from Vietnam who try to settle in Poland. Among them is young Mai Anh, whose boyfriend now works at a bazaar in Warsaw. Their meeting in a foreign ...

Vörös függönyök
Alain DEYMIER (Spain / France):
An Oedipus without a complex: Jose, a young man and an orphan, and Pablo, a boy of 13, flee the city, under threat and condemned to drift. Jose, who has to solve the mystery of his identity - Who am I? Who is my mother? is going to have to enter the adult world and set off to find his destiny throug...

BOGDÁN Zoltán (Hungary):
Edward 9 min.
"Edward" is a short animation film which was based on the ballad A walesi bárdok by János Arany. “A walesi bárdok” (The Bards of Wales) was written after a lost revolution and war of independence in 1857. Short background In Hungary everybody understood exactly what this poem is about...

Camille MOULIN-DUPRÉ (France):
A walkway by the sea shore : an old man is reading his newspaper with his white dog near him, when a woman just comes to disturb his reading. He hotfoots after this beautiful woman and dives into an animated comic strip which recounts his trials and tribulations on screen…This cartoon is a tri...

Teremtmények eredete
Floris KAAYK (The Netherlands):
A futuristic vision of a world after a catastrophic disaster. In this dark parable mutated limbs are looking for cooperation, but due to miscommunication this mission is doomed to fail.

OROSZ István (Hungary):
The reconstruction, based on the recorded moves and a photograph retouched many times, of a chess game played one-hundred years ago. The political aspects of the match override those of the game: the two leaders of the Bolshevik party, Lenin and Bogdanov face each other. The animated film attempts, ...

SÁNTHA Dénes és DAMÓ Zsolt (Romania):
20 years after the political change, a nightmare is still freaking us out!

MURANYI Matza Terez (Romania):
Facts 2 min.
Az animáció a női-férfi viszonyulást kívánja tükrözni, a szakítás által kiváltott érzéseket, a férfi és a női hozzáállást a kapcsolatokhoz. Történetileg egy szomorú jellegű mű, melynek a vizuális részét erős ellentétékre alapozza a rendező, miközben melankolikus zenét hallunk. Technikailag egy alap...

Bogdan MIHAILESCU (Romania):
A true story? Maybe it happened like this at the beginning of the last century in a world of black and white sometimes changed to sepia, where the art brought the colour.

TARI Zsófia (Hungary):
In this short musical film we are ushered into the fantasy world where a ring comes into existence and are shown how its unique contents are created. Peculiar characters appear and sing about the work they do in Szofita Land. The film takes place simultaneously in the locations of the imaginary fac...

BUCSI Réka, VARGA Petra (Hungary):
The story shows two mime's lunch break where the glutton Louis tries to steal the always calm Jean Pierre's lunch with all his creativity, talent and professional pantomim skills. But, as it usually is, the one who is more clever wins.

a Mese
Yordan LAZAROV (Bulgaria):
a Tale 5 min.
'a Tale' narrates the story of a brave Knight who has done his part of the deal with the King: the Monster's head is bleeding in his hands. Do you think the King will keep his promise?

Tuva Synnevåg (Norway):
Sáiva 9 min.
The indigenous people of Scandinavia are the Sami. This story takes place in a Sami mythological landscape. It`s about a girl looking for her boyfriend, who is dead.

A tó asszonya
Mathilde PHILIPPON AGINSKI (France):
This is the story of a woman who lives at the edge of a lake. She has a specific relationship with water and nature. Her lonelyness makes her unhappy. One day a blazing settles down and the water begins to go away.

A bérlő
The Renter 10 min.
Based on a true story, “The Renter” follows the journey of a young boy who is cared for by an elderly woman during the day. Her house is an aging, impoverished world where a strange man has taken up residency. Through a struggle he cannot fully understand, the boy finds caring can be sho...

Ceruzával írva
Yaron BAR (Israel):
An everyday train voyage slowly turns into a nightmare.

Rafael Sommerhalder (United Kingdom / Switzerland):
Flowerpots 5 min.
A short film about flowerpots, hats and habits.

Égi dal
Mati KÜTT (Estonia):
This is an animation full of experimenting with form and materials. Some of the characters are original, but some originate from the history of mankind. The film is full of symbols and symbolism, syrreal images and scenes. This is not simply the journey of a postman to deliver the package to the Moon...

Az ember, aki még hitt a gólyában
Ralf KUKULA (Germany):
Once upon a time there was a very endearing, very likeable man, who lived on his own. Because he liked children so very much, he wished he could have a child himself. He therefore tried to find out wh...

WONHÁZ Annamária (Hungary):
The film shows the stillness, simplicity and naturalness of rural life. The typical situations of the villagers can be observed through only one shot, sitting people on a bench in front of a house.

Sose vezess ha halott vagy
Gregor DASHUBER (Germany):
The awkward hero stumbles over a long forgotten piano. Music leads him from his run down existence out into the city life. There he plays a last funeral march to all the deadbeat figures on the sidewalk.

CAKÓ Ferenc (Hungary):
In this sand animation film Ferenc Cakó recalls his late father, who was an artist. It is not a traditional biographical film, instead, it is an artistic drive involving the depths and heights of emotions in the labyrinth of society and man-woman relationships. The search for self-expression, the f...

Vergine KEATON (France):
In the forest, the herd of deer turns against the hound dogs that have been chasing them so far. From this unusual chase, new landscapes arise from the ground. The idea of this collage drama came from a 19th century engraving.

A víztornyista
Emmanuel GORINSTEIN (France):
An old man lives alone on the New-York building’s roof with the water tower standing for companions. He repairs them, obtaining some extraordinary sound when he plays his violin with them. But the day comes when the water tower are threatene...

Isabel Herguera (Spain):
Ámár 8 min.
Inés travels to India to visit her friend Ámár, who has been living in a mental institution for years. Inés remembers the last days they spent together and her promise to return.

Tarik SALEH (Sweden):
Metropia 86 min.
Metropia takes place in a not-so-distant future. The world is running out of oil and the underground train systems have been connected into a gigantic subway network beneath Europe. Whenever Roger from Stockholm enters this system he hears a stranger’s voice in his head. He looks to the myster...

Amir ADMONI (Brazil):
Timing 8 min.
Time is a merciless prison in this short movie where a young man has been seized by his own ambition. Pushing this metaphor to the limit, TIMING uses a combination of live action and animation techniques to create a fantastic reality where the character gets literally imprisoned inside the clock of a train station.

Michael RITTMANNSBERGER (Austria):
Sister 6 min.
“The short story of loss, narrated with the poignancy of a needle slowly piercing the spectator’s skin: with the comparatively simple methods of slow motion, Michael Rittmannsberger’s captivating film manages to turn a family’s pain into a tragedy of strong identification, wh...

An unsupervised tribe of 75 children take over the entire city of New London, creating their rites and rituals through playing street games. Their vibrant spirit evokes hopes for the future but also melancholy about the glorious past of children culture disappearing from the streets of American cities.

Hangos felületek
GUTEMA Dávid (Hungary):
We see different surfaces enclosed with noise.

Igor and Ivan BUHAROV (Hungary):
The film, inspired by the poem “Rudderless“ by poet István Domonkos, is a modern epos, a self-analysis of a person living in minority status in Yugoslavia in the early 1970s. The film is a journey through the world, passing through different political and economical situations, both co...

Elnyelte a tenger
Andrew KÖTTING (United Kingdom):
Sea Swallow’d charts the choppy waters of gut feelings, capturing the flotsam and jetsam of impulse, desire and fights to the death. A film by Andrew Kötting and Curious shot as a series of lapping and flowing, irregular chapters, which borrow their titles from Moby Dick.

A homok szájai
Angel Aldarondo (Spain):
Tuna fish spend months hibernating after the active feeding season in the Cantabrian Sea. Each year these seasons are filmed in rings, leaving opaque areas due to the lack of food.

A névtelen
Ya-Li HUANG (Taiwan):
This film is constructed upon the visual poetry between what you hear and see, and a sensual fluidity that is not based on the cause and effect relationship. It casts away the practicalities and the functionalities commonly defined in real-world objects by returning things to their raw state, and gu...

A nagy futam
Kote Camacho (Spain):
The year 1914. The Lasarte racetrack announces a race with a never-before-seen prize for the winning horse. Eight of the best horses and mares in the world have registered. Fans and heavy betters from all the continents gather to participate in the great event: the Half Million Grand Prize.

DOCUMENTARY 1.  (100')
Hunky Blues az amerikai álom
FORGÁCS Péter (Hungary):
The internationally acclaimed director and recipient of the Erasmus Award in 2007, Péter Forgács created a documentary exploring the fate of hundred thousands of Hungarian men and women who arrived to the United States between 1890 and 1921. To tell ...

Az én gyönyörű Daciám
Stefan CONSTANTINESCU & Julio SOTO (Romania / Spain):
My Beautiful Dacia is a light hearted and humoristic portrayal of the evolution of Romania from Communism to Capitalism, seen through the eyes of its most emblematic symbol, the Dacia automobile. In o...

Sasha ANDREWS (United Kingdom):
Trailer - click here! A cautionary tale of three characters whose Do It Yourself projects have got out of hand. Unable to afford a fully-functioning boat each has bought a landlocked craft in varying degrees of dilapidation. We watch as they work on their ultimate escape project. Will they brea...

DOCUMENTARY 3.  (102')
A folyó
Rimantas GRUODIS & Julija GRUODIENE (Lithuania):
This story is about the emotionally and physically hard life of the people in a remote village by the river. The river is the only way linking villagers with the world on the other bank.

Drága Sophia
Ohad ITACH (Israel):
The dark corners of growing up as a new immigrant are powerfully explored in this intense documentary. Arriving in Israel from Moldova in the 1990's left Sophia unstable and yearning for more. Her well educated parents are unable to control their only daughter as she rapidly descends from singer in ...

DOCUMENTARY 4.  (103')
Piotr ZLOTOROWICZ (Poland):
Every summer, Marek and Janina work as charcoal burners in the Bieszczady Mountains. Far from civilisation, in the heart of the mountains, they live according to the rhythm set by nature. We accompany the characters from dawn till dusk, observing the slow passage of time. The whole creates a story a...

Hogyan főzték a történelmet?
Peter KEREKES (Austria / Czech Republic / Slovakia):
Who would have imagined that wars could also be fought with pots, pans, and pepper shakers? In contrast with classic documantations recalling war memories with Talking Heads, the Slovakian film director focuses on a particular aspect: the sensual element of war...

Alijan NASIROV (Kyrgyzstan):
A life of one Kyrgyz family living in high lands shown in the film. A place where only people, wolfs and yaks can survive. Torn from the delights of civilization and illnesses of the vanity, they live in harmony with nature. It nourishes their self-sufficiency.

Filipa REIS, João MILLER GUERRA, Nuno BAPTISTA (Portugal):
Li Ké Terra 65 min.
Li Ké Terra tells the story of Miguel Moreira and Ruben Furtado, two Cape Verdean immigrant descendants who live in Portugal but have no legal documents. They are torn between the desire to be a full Portuguese citizen and the obstacles they find in their day to day...

DOCUMENTARY 6.  (107')
Mi anyáink
Ebrahim SAEEDI & Zahavi SANJAVI (Iran):
During the 30 years of the Baath ruling under Sadam in Iraq thousands of Iraqi Kurds and Shiites were either killed or disappeared. Around 182,000 people lost their lives when 4500 villages and townships were destroyed in Kirkuk, Soleimanieh, Dahouk and Erbil regions with the aim to exterminate the ...

Negatív magyar filmtörténet
NEMES Gyula (Hungary):
Reconstructions of unrealized Hungarian films in cooperation with the great Hungarian film directors.

DOCUMENTARY 7.  (104')
Éden Hotel
Sophia TZAVELLA (Bulgaria ):
The young Demir dreams of a wedding. But his Roma tower block at the outskirts of a provincial town in Bulgaria is no place for romance. 25 years ago it had all it takes for panel socialist heaven: from parquet floors to intercom, the coveted hot water central, street lamps, benches under murmuring apple trees...

A mágányos szamaritánus
Barak HEYMANN (Israel):
The Samaritans, a tiny religious sect in Israel and the West Bank, are dying out. But they still maintain extremely harsh rules against assimilation: if you leave the fold, you and your family are as good as dead to the 700-person community. Israeli actress Sophie Tzedaka is one such woman. One by ...

Tomek WYSOKINSKI (Poland):
Incantatio 14 min.
Incantatio’ is an encounter with one of the most remarkable performers in the world. Paweł Dudziński, who developer butoh dance by an intuitive ritual method, became a laudable continuator and successor of the tradition of such great butoh masters as Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. In his art...

A Shukar Collective Projekt
Matei Alexandru MOCANU (Romania):
At the crossroad between tradition and modern, between high life and the marginal life style, between art and improvisation, between the electro and the gipsy music, there is The Shukar Collective Project, an explosive and colorful video essay that manages to seduce through the power of the cultural...




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