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Filmek / Nemzetközi panoráma program 2011

XXI. század
Arjan BRENTJES (The Netherlands):
Arjan Brentjes looks at the current events through the eyes of 12 year old kid, who reads comic books and watches adventure movies. In his vision there isn’t gray but black and white, the dangerous places of the world are filled with exciting adventures.

A freskó: Dragulea átka
Ion Octavian FRECEA (Romania):
These is a legend about love and a curse, a legend where lovers are fighting for love.

A nagy szürke gébics
Chintis LUNDGREN (Estonia):
The Great Grey Shrike is a strange wildlife-story about the very peculiar manners of the great grey shrike, the common cuckoo, starlings and other birds.

BALÁZS Zoltán & KOPACZ Annámria (Hungary / Romania):
Seklesr Indians are a stronge sort, they grew out of the ground and they are the children of the rocky soil of highlands, a fair-skinned genre. The subject of this animation was inspirate by a historic moment of our country. Everything that is inclu...

Maria KORPORAL (Italy):
The Waltz 3 min.
The video is part of the project Korporal Zoo, a series of short movies which deal with the relationship between animals and human beings studied from several prospectives: cultural, social, environmental. In The Waltz appear birds flying freely, and a couple of women (they can be sisters, friends...

Az élet
Collective CAMERA-ETC (Belgium):
Ad Vitam 8 min.
An old lady is frightened of losing her husband …

Cleo boogieja
Collective CAMERA-ETC (Belgium):
Two old friends, living with their cat in a faded apartment, relive the percussive and furious atmosphere of the Boogie-woogie of their youth. At that time, they accompanied a sensual singer of whom there is no more than an image on an old poster … Unless the black cat is her reincarnation?

Collective Camera-etc (Belgium):
By a sunny afternoon. A musician dropes his double bass to undress and bathe in the river. A little farther, a woman removes her dress and dives into the water. An individual seizes discreetly their clothes. The musician and the swimmer meet, naked and shy. Whereas he searches for foliage, she takes...

A lány és a vadász
Jadwiga KOWALSKA (Switzerland):
It’s raining. A small village is in big trouble. The raindrops are actually a young girl’s tears. And it’s up to the hunter to put things in order…

A lagúna, a víz és a férfiak
Manuel MATOS BARBOSA (Portugal):
The black and white draw the three elements, animating ordinary things in a poetic sense of the image.

Tépj szét!
Agnieszka Borowa (Poland):
I already had three coffees. Waiting. This annoying kissing couple outside. Brown doors. You're a blond, a dark-haired, you're a blank piece of paper. Another version of you. Tear me!

A gyűlölet ösvényei
Damian NENOW (Poland):
“Paths of Hate” is a short tale about the demons that slumber deep in the human soul and have the power to push people into the abyss of blind hate, fury and rage.

Sunset utcai ikrek
Marc RIBA & Anna SOLANAS (Spain):
Ointments, elixirs and poultices. Enriqueta and Ramoneta will attend your needs with discretion, reserve and pleasant manners at Sunset Street No. 17A, Barcelona. Not sold in drugstores or chemist's shops.

Enrique García & Rubén Salazar (Spain):
Daisy Cutter tells the story of a ten years old girl, Zaira, who (like many others) experiences the injustice of war, with the perspective that her tender and naive eyes allow her. Zaira gathers daisies every day for a friend that she misses; so as not to forget him, so as not to lose him.

Ben Hora 4 min.
A migrants' family arrives by boat in a fantasized new world. The movie stages the disappointment in front of the absurd laws of our society.






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