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9-13 December, 2020

Kiscsősz, Hungary




9-13 December, 2020

Kiscsősz, Hungary

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Creator Woman - MEDIAWAVE 2011

A special selection entitled CREATOR WOMAN is recommended for film fans here. During the film selection process we faced the fact that this year's submissions feature the women's role in different cultural contexts very colourfully and thoroughly.

In the MEDIAWAVE Film Forum 2, our international conference, a panel will be devoted to this topic. On the other hand, as a peculiarity, the women's role in Iranian art, will be discussed with participation of two Iranian female artists.


Különleges Bánásmód
Jeanne LABRUNE (France):
Alice, a luxury-prostitute in her forties got tired and seeks a therapist to change her life. Xavier, a well-established psychologist gets more and more weary of his clients' monologues. When his wife leaves him, he meets Alice. Both of them are loo...

Csendes Lelkek
Aleksei FEDORCHENKO (Russia):
When Miron's beloved wife Tanya passes away, he asks his best friend Aist to help him say goodbye to her according to the rituals of the Merya culture, an ancient Finno-Ugric tribe from Lake Nero, a picturesque region in West-Central Russia. Although the Merya people assimilated into Russians in the...

Ne félj, Bi!
Phan Dang Di (Vietnam / France / Germany):
In an old house in Hanoi, Bi, a six-years-old child, his parents, his aunt and their servant are living together in one house. His favourite playground is an ice factory. After years of absence, his grandfather, gravely ill, returned from abroad and settles home. Gradually, a relationship grows b...

Bibliothéque Pascal
Hajdu Szabolcs (Hungary / Germany):
Mona Paparu is raising her three-year-old daughter alone. Because of a trip abroad she has to leave the child with her aunt. The Child Protection Agency takes the little girl away from the aunt. When Mona returns home she has to explain to the CPA what she has done abroad. The film tells the story...

Bruno ROLLAND (France):
Léa 93 min.
Léa lives in Le Havre, the town where she grew up. She goes to university, takes care of her incapacitated grandmother, and works as a barmaid in a night club to make ends meet. But, Léa dreams of another life. She wants to move to Paris to study at the prestigious Institut d’Etudes Politiques...

Amikor a citrom sárgulni kezdett...
Mohammadreza VATANDOUST (Iran):
Shahrbanoo and Shahram's engagement coincides with the Iraq-Iran war. They both are physicians and so volunteer to serve at the front lines. Shahrbanoo goes missing-in-action. Shahram who is saddened and disappointed by Shahrbanoo’s loss, years...

Karsi történetek
Ozcan Alper, Zehra Derya Koc, Ulku Oktay, Ahu Ozturk, Emra Akay (Turkey):
Omnibus of five short films that were shot in the Turkish province of Kars, on the border with Armenia. Among the five directors are three debutants who were chosen to film their stories after winning a scenario contest. The final result is a sympath...

Alireza Davoodnejad (Iran):
A girl from a poor family succumbs to addiction and runs away from home. Her grandmother follows her like a shadow in order to help her. The film depicts a generation that is closer to their grandparents than their own parents. It is a story about the pain and misery of grandmothers who are struggl...

Short fiction  
Valami kék
ZOMBORÁCZ Virág (Hungary):
Alice and Mary were classmates in the county town highschool. After graduation, they’ve separated: Mary went to college, while Alice felt in love and stayed in the grange. They meet at Alice's wedding, but Alice receives her friend reservedly: she reckons herself as a victim, and Mary as the s...

Vénusz vs. Én
Nathalie TEIRLINCK (Belgium):
Venus vs. Me 27 min.
Entangled in a realm of thought, twelve-year-old Marie has trouble growing up. When her young mother brings home a new boyfriend, questions remain unanswered and communication seems impossible. Frenetic, Marie tries to win back her mother while she silently finds solace in a world of memories.

Askia TRAORE (France):
Nola 25 min.
A special day in the life of Nola, her first leave after years of detention. The portrait of a woman around whom the world is teetering.

Háborgó tenger
Olivier LOUSTAU (France):
In Sete, France, ending a harsh strike at the refusal of their demands. Three professional fishermen go back out to sea. Their small boat shipwrecks, the three men are declared missing. The skipper's daughter refuses to beleive that they are actually dead...

A kerítés
Tomasz MATUSZCZAK (Poland):
Mother (Maria Seweryn) and daughter (Michalina Rodak) live alone in a small house on the outskirts of the village. Their close relations get distorted by appearing of a mysterious man. Are women able to defend themselves from mutual jealousy and distrust? The film is based on the story of Aleksandra...

Tudom, hogy van valaki
Gianclaudio CAPPAI (Italy):
In the shadows of a squalid farmhouse, under a suffocating oppressive heat, a troubled family struggles to deal with their fears, doubts and discomfort. Underlying tensions are surfacing. With each furtive glance or sound or bestial act witnessed, th...

Múló idő
Laura BISPURI (Italy):
Passing time 10 min.
In an ancient agricultural house, silence crushes the soul of an untamed eighteen year-old, Chiara. Tommaso, her beloved grandfather, lies dead in the bed of her parents. As family prepares for the conformist goodbye parade, Chiara turns against the vacuous play of pain and imposed roles. Taking con...

Daniel MULLOY (United Kingdom):
Baby 25 min.
A young woman intervenes when she witnesses men mugging a girl. Now one of them won't leave her alone.

Lány az úton
Renaud CALLEBAUT (Belgium):
A public place under surveillance. Two young women sat face to face. A few moments earlier, one of them is prepared in the privacy...

Múlandó találka
Melanie PIEPER (Germany):
Two women meet on earth every few decades to discuss human problems and the occasional issue of more personal nature. They could not be any more opposite and yet they are bound by a deep and ancient understanding for one another.

A díj
León Siminiani (Spain):
Pilar and Manuel prepare for what should be a night of celebration and glamour. It should be. But they’ve been sweeping their relationship under the red carpet for too long...

Egy zavarodott kisasszony emlékei
Keren MARCIANO (France):
25-year-old Lola is still a virgin. Her busy-body family and friends take an unhealthy concern for her welfare. Memoirs of A Disturbed Young Lady is the story of a girl's frantic and absurd pursuit of a politically correct deflowering. "The poli...

Az Ínyenc
SZKOK István (Hungary):
...Mr. LePenn was preparing for the rendezvous of his life. There had been many such occasions before. He’d been making preparations, and brainstorming for days, to make sure that everything is in place. For a special woman he wanted special food, some nice wine, candlelight, and an intimate atmosphere...

TÖRÖK Áron (Hungary):
Julja, the show hostess meets the most important interviewee of her life. Katrina’s story leads us to the gate of a world where our actions do not have to be thought over anymore. The reporter gets answers tonight that turn the wheels of fate.

Drága Sophia
Ohad ITACH (Israel):
The dark corners of growing up as a new immigrant are powerfully explored in this intense documentary. Arriving in Israel from Moldova in the 1990's left Sophia unstable and yearning for more. Her well educated parents are unable to control their only daughter as she rapidly descends from singer in ...

Mi anyáink
Ebrahim SAEEDI & Zahavi SANJAVI (Iran):
During the 30 years of the Baath ruling under Sadam in Iraq thousands of Iraqi Kurds and Shiites were either killed or disappeared. Around 182,000 people lost their lives when 4500 villages and townships were destroyed in Kirkuk, Soleimanieh, Dahouk and Erbil regions with the aim to exterminate the ...

A mágányos szamaritánus
Barak HEYMANN (Israel):
The Samaritans, a tiny religious sect in Israel and the West Bank, are dying out. But they still maintain extremely harsh rules against assimilation: if you leave the fold, you and your family are as good as dead to the 700-person community. Israeli actress Sophie Tzedaka is one such woman. One by ...

Majd megszokjuk
Mohsen Ostad Ali Makhmalbaf (Iran):
Yeganeh, Hanieh, Shahnaz, Farzaneh and Behnaz are girls who each have problems with family for different reasons and have run away from their homes. They are now in a dormitory trying to solve their problems with themselves, their families and get social acceptance. This documentary deals with the ...




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