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Two Years At Sea

Két év a tengernél
United Kingdom
Rendező: Ben RIVERS
88 min. 2011 35mm, fekete-fehér,
szöveg nélkül
Forgalmazó: Gil Leung
Forgatókönyv: Ben Rivers

A man called Jake lives in the middle of the forest. He goes for walks in whatever the weather, and takes naps in the misty fields and woods. He builds a raft to spend time sitting in a loch. Drives a beat-up jeep to pick up wood supplies. He is seen in all seasons, surviving frugally, passing the time with strange projects, living the radical dream he had as a younger man, a dream he spent two years working at sea to realise.


Fontosabb bemutatási helyek:
  • Venice Film Festival
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema
  • New York Film Festival
  • Valdivia Film Festival
  • London Film Festival
  • Viennale
  • Mar del Plata Film Festival
  • New British Film Festival Moscow
  • Cork Film Festival
  • CineCity Brighton Film Festival
  • MoMA – Contenders series
  • IFF Rotterdam
  • Venice Film Festival – FIPRESCI prize for Orrizonti
  • Valdivia Film Festival – Special Mention of the Jury
  • CPH:DOX – Dox Award

He is recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Award for Artists 2010 and winner of Baloise Art Prize 2011.
Artist-in-focus screenings and retrospectives include Courtisane Festival, Pesaro International Film Festival, London Film Festival, Punto de Vista, Tirana Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Underdox and Indielisboa.


  • Sack Barrow (16mm, col, 2011)
  • Slow Action (16mm scope, col, 2010)
  • I Know Where I’m Going (16mm scope, col, 2009)
  • May Tomorrow Shine The Brightest Of All Your Many Days
  • As It Will Be Your Last (16mm, b/w, 2009)
  • A World Rattled Of Habit (16mm, col/bw, 2008)
  • Origin of the Species (16mm, col, 2008)
  • Sørdal (16mm, col, 2008)
  • Ah, Liberty! (16mm scope, b/w, 2008)
  • House (16mm, b/w, 2007)
  • Dove Coup (16mm, b/w, 2007)
  • Greenhouse (16mm, b/w+col, 2007)
  • Terror! (video, col, 2006)
  • The Coming Race (16mm, b/w, 2006)
  • Astika (16mm, col, 2006)
  • This Is My Land (16mm, b/w, 2006)
  • The Bomb with a Man in his Shoe (16mm, b/w, 2005)
  • The Hyrcynium Wood (16mm cinemascope, b/w, 2005)
  • We The People (16mm, b/w, 2004)
  • Old Dark House (16mm, b/w, 2003)


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