BÚZÁSI Gyopár-Orsolya (Hungary)
Babuka, a gorgeous young woman, experienced a fairytale-like story during the war. Amongst the great...
Begoña VICARIO (Spain)
Euxebi’s father was killed during the war. In her youth, Euxebi suffered Francoist repression ...
Julie REMBAUVILLE (France)
The fairy Babette is finally invited to the very appreciated « Princess ball » but the inv...
KERESZTES Dóra (Hungary)
The film is a tribute to Zsuzsanna Erdélyi ethnographer, who collected the spiritual treasure that b...
GLASER Katalin (Hungary)
Sitting in park, we might well think that there is nothing in particular happening around us. But if...
BALAJTHY László (Hungary)
The events of a little boy’s life usher him into the world of life among the Gypsies, where he...
KÁNTOR Zsolt (Magyarország, Románia)
A lonely shrew is looking for a new home, with little success. During his journey he makes a discovery that might change the future of his entire race.
KOVÁCS Gergő (Hungary)
Fusion World Music band DzsinnKalaDzsi was playing on a private mongolian event at City Nomads Galery Budapest...
Zétény VARGA (Magyarország, Románia)
The eternal circle of light and darkness, good and bad, positive, and negative energies in an altern...

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