Alexey NAUMOV (Russia)
Short Fiction
The newly-weds Lyuba and Andrei have a crisis in their relationship. In order to get a rest and sett...
Hasan NAJMABADI (Iran)
Short Fiction
Two lesbian girls who want to escape smuggled from Iran.
Anton SUKHAREV (Russia)
This film is a place of variations, different versions of the same night of a young saxophonist. The...
Short Fiction
Some boys and girls of 5 to 10 years of age are playing in an alley. Sina, who is ten, has a box in his hands using it as a camera and ...
Pavel PALEKHIN (Russia)
Short Fiction
The protagonist, a peasant woman from rural Russia, lost everything in the 1917 revolution. Now she ...
Yana ANTONETS (Ukraine)
Short Fiction
An absurd black comedy about a ridiculous incident during a funeral.
None of the guests could possib...
Amit KUMAR (India)
Short Fiction
A shy kid unwillingly goes to attend a wedding in his village. The journey and the wedding itself change him in an unexpected way...
Sylvain COISNE (France)
Short Fiction
Dylan, Yanis and Hugo’s foster son, passed away a few months ago. The men struggle to understa...
Danila DUNAEV (Russia)
Short Fiction
A young office clerk finds out from an odd woman in black that everyone she’s ever known and l...
Toma STENKO (Georgia)
Short Fiction
In a small Moscow flat Anton is constructing a telescope. A bell starts ringing. Anton starts talking to Michael, who dumped him...

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