Toma STENKO (Georgia)
Each night they go out to the sea, cast their nets and ask the god of the sea to provide their catch...
Yu GU (Franciaország, Kína)
The exams are close, the school year is coming to an end for Peipei, a young artist aspirant of a hi...
BÁN József (Romania)
The people of Oaș county (Romania) spend most of the year abroad, working. The villages filled with new luxurious houses are empty...
Irina KOPIEVA (Russia)
We often hear that happiness of a human depends on himself. Some people already lose faith in themselves when they are only 20 years old...
BÁN Attila (Magyarország, Románia)
Zoltán Sipos Nyitra is a bodybuilder. In his adventurous life he tried and failed to rob a post offi...
GYÖKÉR Róbert (Hungary)
What is a garden? A land that is inherited from generation to generation, coincided with the cohesio...
SIMÓ Ibolya (Romania)
Székelyvarság is a settlement scattered on a huge territory in Hargita County, Romania, surrounded b...
SURÁNYI z. András (Hungary)
Disadvantaged young people living in extreme poverty in Hungary often drop out of school. This is a serious problem today...
Antoine GARREC (France)
In February 2015, in Pont-L’Abbé, I had my first meeting with someone who taught me about “The Gang of DS”...
SERESTÉLY Szilárd (Romania)
Arpi is from Cluj-Napoca/Romania, he has a wife, his left leg hurts, he likes to drink, smoke ciggie...

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