Petar Pešut (Serbia)
Short Fiction
While wandering in post-apocalyptic world, trying to get back home,Jovan encounters an old man, Enoh, searching for a mythical city of Vasota...
Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado (Spain)
Short Fiction
Milagros is obliged to install a fire extinguisher in her chapel. But first she will have to ask someone's permission...
Mohammad Sherwani (Iran)
Short Fiction
Suhailah each day had to leave her baby at her neighbors in order to work and earn enough money, but...
Nathan Le Graciet (France)
Short Fiction
A young man has drowned in a river, but no body was found. His father seeks the body, day after day, on the shores of the river...
Hiroya Sakurai (Japan)
In the man-made waterways of rice paddies, the water in nature must follow artificial rules. In that...
Sallai Ervin (Magyaroroszág)
Short Fiction
The grandfather (Dad) has suffered a stroke and his left side is paralyzed. They make a decision wit...
Almási Zsolt (Magyaroroszág)
Short Fiction
Our film deals with the relation of a father and his son. They are carrying a huge mirror to the fifth floor...
Yana Sad (Russia)
Short Fiction
Two brothers live in a tiny house on the outskirts of a small town. They are young, one of them, Oleg, is special, being autistic...
Akbar Roh (Iran)
Short Fiction
Sometimes people make decisions in order to live and survive in difficult conditions that questions humanity...
Nagy Kálmán (Austria / Hungary)
Short Fiction
Éva lives a nightmare. She has the terrible suspicion that her husband has done something to her five-year-old daughter...
Hiroyuki Nishiyama (Japan)
20dB 2020
Short Fiction
A high school girl, Uta, walks alone in a forest with an audio recorder in hand.
In order to wake up...
Martin Kuba (Czech Republic)
Short Fiction
A group of boy scouts is confronted for the first time with the erotic, laughable, disturbing yet oddly beautiful world of adulthood...
Yegor Lymarev (Kazakhstan)
Short Fiction
It's a short about corruption at post soviet territories. And it takes a bit of metaphysical angle on that issue...
Antal Attila (Hungary)
Short Fiction
It is the eve of the opening of Péter’s photo exhibition, titled Something is Missing. He is anxious and feels like something is just not right...
Bánovits Ottó (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Anna returns to the island where she grew up. As she goes deeper into the place her childhood memories gradually come to the surface.
Oláh-Badi Levente (Hungary)
Short Fiction
The love life of young social media star, Balint gets in dire straits, as he attempts to create his greatest vlog post ever on how to pick up women.

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