Olivier Binder (France)
Short, Student
Pierre is a lonely alcoholic gambler. One day, he wins the jackpot on an online poker site, and deci...
Ernest Lorek (Poland)
Marek works as a security guy at a big train station. His days are spent monotonously in this huge s...
Mohammad Hormozi (Iran)
Feature, Short
A Violinist girl wants to enter an administrative building but as she lacks the formal hijab, she must stay in the waiting room...
Barney Frydman (Belgium)
A Police squad on a mission… A football match… Tension rises on either side… Shots fly and the team must face the pressure...
Jero Yun (Dél-Korea)
Chin-ho, a xenophobic South Korean, hunts North Korean people and sells their meat for a living. Und...
Erdélyi Dániel (Magyaroroszág)
Feri finds it difficult to meet new people. He resorts to kidnapping dogs from chosen families so th...
Abdullah Şahin (Turkey)
Ilyas and Ahmet are two close friends. Emir, Syrian refugee completes the gang. Ilyas wants to make ...
Novák Erik (Hungary / Romania)
Eight women, one man, no way...
A freelance artist at the end of his forties is going through the deepest private and existential crisis of his life...
Daniel Levin (Russia / USA)
Short Fiction
A group of Russian musicians struggles in South Texas until one of them ditches the group to attempt a marriage with a wealthy farmer on his ranch...
Lőrincz Nándor, Nagy Bálint (Magyaroroszág)
Short Fiction
Budapest, 7th district, general clearance. The one-cut film starts with a simple argument between two strangers for a parking spot...
Bogdan Maraloiu (Romania)
Short Fiction
In a remote village from Romania, located close to the Danube, an "important" event is going to happen...
Frunza Roland (Romania)
Short Fiction
Petrik András (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Andras is a thirty something careerist prosecutor. His new job is important for him and his wife and daughter suffers the consequences...
Anna Urbanczyk (Poland)
Short Fiction
Lena runs a road hostel. One day, when she stays alone at work, a stranger comes to the place. The man arises anxiety in the woman with his behavior...
Nagy Borbála (Magyaroroszág / Germany)
Short Fiction
Alpár has his first working day at the 175 km long border between Hungary and Serbia. Supposed to sa...
Wizner Balázs (Hungary)
Short Fiction
An average Hungarian family are driving home on the motorway from their seaside holidays when they a...
Baranyi Benő (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Zalfa Seurat (France)
Short Fiction
Batroun, north of Lebanon.
A couple is trying to enjoy an afternoon at the beach. The woman is attra...
Barney Frydman (Belgium)
A Police squad on a mission… A football match… Tension rises on either side…
Shots fly and the team must face the pressure...
Mojtaba Poorbakhsh (Iran)
Short Fiction / Short
Maria is a girl whom she is a champion of Kayak; she is waiting for dispatching to the Olympics Qualification which held in France...

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