Marzieh Rasekh (Iran)
/ More 2018
A fisherman has bad luck in fishing. one day he reaches a tree witch an angle was sleeping on it. the man can make only one wish...
Nina BISYARINA (Russia)
Routine, annoying reality can retreat if you stop and listen to the world. Sometimes we are not able to understand it ourselves, someone has to prompt.
Darko VIDACKOVIC (Croatia)
Just Swimming is a dive from the everyday life into the deep waters of consciousness, to the world of eternal, pure forms...
Szoboszlay Eszter (Hungary)
Once upon a time, an enormous dragon and a piteously cruel giant stole the Sun and the Moon. Darkness fell over the world...
TÓTH-PÓCS Roland (Hungary)
The story is a “fib-teller’s tale.” Riza, a Roma girl, narrates an unusual night, in which dream and reality intermix...
GLASER Kati (Hungary)
From here, you can really see the amazing array of wondrously captivating mothers. All varieties, all shapes and sizes.
GLASER Kati (Hungary)
Felting is when you knead the wool of a sheep with soap a lot longer than you’d ever want to, ...
Roman Sokolov (Russia)
Deep at night, a dedicated cyclist traverses the wintry forest. The challenge: make sure this new day gets off to a fresh and timely start.
Mohammad Amin Kamali (Iran)
The story of a rabbit hunter is now trapped.
Mostafa Gad (Egypt)
Animation / Animation, Experimental, Student, Short, Other
The last part of a young man lives in fantasy of the virtual world.
Raito Low Jing Yi (Taiwan)
Fisso 2018
Break up to make up.
Mehdi Khoramian (Iran)
The old singel man is waiting for his gone sweetheart in a station.
Emma Louhivouri (Finland)
A woman’s life is difficult, because her head is a cat.
Sheyda Kashi (Iran)
An old man is living with a window in front of his eyes. He sees a cold black and white and fragile world from behind the window...
Julie Rembauville (France)
A small mouse lives in the middle of books and their epic adventures. When the candle goes out and w...
Boros Brigitta & Boros Bettina (Hungary)
The experiences and thoughts of puppeteers and two animation students about how the dead material comes alive...

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