Conrad MESS (Spanyolország, USA)
Short Fiction
Humans are capable of the most noble and unselfish acts, and at the same time, the worst of the atrocities...
Alireza NESAEE (Iran)
Short Fiction
Afghan boy his name is Israel, who immigrated to the Iran is faced with many problems.
Shahriar POURSEYEDIAN (Iran)
Short Fiction
Mohamad is a boy who sees the world around him from his own point of view.
New year is coming and he has a dream…
Marcus HANISCH (Germany)
Short Fiction
It's Nadia's 15th birthday. Instead of celebrating with her friends she takes care of her drug addict mother...
Masoud SOHEILI (Indonézia, Irán)
Short Fiction
"A boy and girl explore an abandoned cinema and find a role of film that they watch but are thrown o...
ODEGNÁL Róbert (Hungary)
Short Fiction
At daytime Ervin works as a teacher in a suburban school where he tries to survive among the deviant students and apathetic teachers...
Ernesto MARTÍNEZ BUCIO (Mexiko)
Short Fiction
I can’t tell my name. I have 3 months of pregnancy. They pay us to take care of people with my boyfriend...
DOBI Ferenc (Magyarország, Románia)
Short Fiction
Four young people go on a camping trip. While it’s simple youthful fun for two of them, things...
Pawel WLAZEWICZ (Estonia)
Short Fiction
After long time of separation a couple meets to see if there is a way back to being together.
NAGY Kálmán (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Anna, the young girl travels to the international gymnastics tournament with her team mates. Anna ha...
BÁNOVITS Ottó (Hungary)
Short Fiction
Felix Cox (28) is an internationally renowned American skydiver attempts to land in central Budapest...
Doria ACHOUR (Franciaország, Tunézia)
Short Fiction
Aymen arrives in Marseille after crossing the Mediterranean. He found his sister that he has not seen since twenty years.

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