Teymur DAIMI (Azerbajdzsán)
Window. A look through window. "He" beholds what happens behind a window: same landscape, change of ...
Alain ESCALLE (Franciaország)
Subjective experimentations affecting the reality of a memory, leaving the auditory and optical traces in an "in-between" world in mutation.
Stefano CANAPA & Elisa RIBES (Franciaország)
Kairos is a poetic dance film set against a Mediterranean background. Film, nature and the body are ...
Yannick LECOEUR & Leslie LAVIELLE (Franciaország)
Invisible men aboard a pirate ship land on an exotic island, where they hope to find a stone that will free them from their invisibility...
Begoña VICARIO (COORDINATOR) (Spanyolország)
Building on the celebration of St. Agatha's Eve —a deep-rooted Basque tradition in which peopl...
Natalia SARDI (Belgium)
Partly autobiographical, "Vecinas" is the story of two solitudes brought closer by the laws of magnetism.
SZAKÁLY Réka Anna (Magyarország)
XY, a factory worker, lives a boring life. She cripples herself in her own world with the mascot’s help...
Martina MESTROVIC (Horvátország)
A universal parable about differences, told in three colours. A story about the natural and the excl...
Darko VIDACKOVIC (Horvátország)
A view of the ©ibenik harbour in the author’s home town. A film about the process of observing...
Ivan BOGDANOV & Vessela DANTCHEVA (Bulgária, Horvátország)
Once upon a time, there was a country on the back of a giant horse, but it was ruined by stupidity and greed...
GLASER Kati (Magyarország)
The kid who was Tarzan’s cousin’s older brother, picked me up once when I was hitchhiking...

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Penjere / Window, Teymur DAIMI
Városi legendák: Útbaigazítás / Urban Legends: Directions, GLASER Kati
Travelling Country, Ivan BOGDANOV & Vessela DANTCHEVA
Petrova Suma / Peter's Forest, Martina MESTROVIC
Curse of the Flesh, Yannick LECOEUR & Leslie LAVIELLE
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