Teymur DAIMI (Azerbajdzsán)
Window. A look through window. "He" beholds what happens behind a window: same landscape, change of ...
Alain ESCALLE (Franciaország)
Subjective experimentations affecting the reality of a memory, leaving the auditory and optical traces in an "in-between" world in mutation.
Stefano CANAPA & Elisa RIBES (Franciaország)
Kairos is a poetic dance film set against a Mediterranean background. Film, nature and the body are ...
Yannick LECOEUR & Leslie LAVIELLE (Franciaország)
Invisible men aboard a pirate ship land on an exotic island, where they hope to find a stone that will free them from their invisibility...
Begoña VICARIO (COORDINATOR) (Spanyolország)
Building on the celebration of St. Agatha's Eve —a deep-rooted Basque tradition in which peopl...
Natalia SARDI (Belgium)
Partly autobiographical, "Vecinas" is the story of two solitudes brought closer by the laws of magnetism.
SZAKÁLY Réka Anna (Magyarország)
XY, a factory worker, lives a boring life. She cripples herself in her own world with the mascot’s help...
Martina MESTROVIC (Horvátország)
A universal parable about differences, told in three colours. A story about the natural and the excl...
Darko VIDACKOVIC (Horvátország)
A view of the ©ibenik harbour in the author’s home town. A film about the process of observing...
Ivan BOGDANOV & Vessela DANTCHEVA (Bulgária, Horvátország)
Once upon a time, there was a country on the back of a giant horse, but it was ruined by stupidity and greed...
GLASER Kati (Magyarország)
The kid who was Tarzan’s cousin’s older brother, picked me up once when I was hitchhiking...


The films submitted in „On the Road” category will be selected by a preview jury by the end of January 2017. The films in the program then will be available on the website of the festival between 1 March and 27 April. After watching the films, we would like the online audience to vote for
- the best director
- the best film
- the best cameraman


Voting deadline: 23 April


1 You need to enter your e-mail address to vote.
2 After sending the vote, you will receive an e-mail with a link. You should click the link to confirm your vote.
3 You can vote for each film once, but you can give only one vote for every voting category of each film.


The voters can win festival passes and presents that fits the festival spirit.

The selected films will be evaluated also by a professional jury. You can watch the results of both evaluation in the screening rooms of the festival and the winner artists will be awarded by unique prizes reflecting the spirit of the category.

Tekintsd meg ezeket a filmeket is:

Petrova Suma / Peter's Forest, Martina MESTROVIC
Penjere / Window, Teymur DAIMI
Machinae Novae 002, Darko VIDACKOVIC
Travelling Country, Ivan BOGDANOV & Vessela DANTCHEVA
Városi legendák: Útbaigazítás / Urban Legends: Directions, GLASER Kati
weboldal tervezés: IRQ