Aniela Astrid GABRYEL (Poland)
The film tells four personal stories of one Crimean Tatar family. Their story concentrates, as in a ...
Holger MOHAUPT & Tracey FEARNEHOUGH (Skócia)
Sunburned necks, dogs eating crunched cones and rain clouds mirrored in a paddling pool. A Scottish seaside with a van and an ice cream seller...
Jorge THIELEN ARMAND (Venezuela)
On a remote Venezuelan island lie the ruins of Nueva Cádiz, the first European city in the Americas....
Vijay S. JODHA (Dél-Afrika, Dánia)
Set on the edge of the Thar Desert (India) and in the middle of the biggest camel fair, this film lo...
Shahriar POURSEYEDIAN (Iran)
Morovat and Mahin are disabled brother and sister whose home was flooded.
Gertrud Schulte WESTENBERG (Germany)
In the summer of 2015 thousands of refugees arrive in Berlin. Amongst them are many children. Behind...
Thandi SEBE & Tim FORESTA (Németország, Dél-Afrika)
Cape Town. Three men from Zimbabwe who came to South Africa in osearch f work and a better life, now...
PAZSITKA Ákos (Hungary)
Housing allocation, a social service providing accomodation, which is located in a building with a s...
ZURBÓ Dorottya (Hungary)
This film is a poetic contemplation of memories in growing physical and mental distances.
As I trave...
PANNONIAY Boglárka Erzsébet (Hungary)
Gyüttment Festival is a consciousness based meeting focusing on environmental issues mainly for pepo...
Robin DIMET (France)
In a remote railway station in the depths of Siberia, a women, the station master performs its funct...

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